Gender Stereotypes In Music Video Analysis

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Since LGBT people have been around for many of years there are many undeniably good LGBT representations in past and current music videos. Not only are there goo representations but in the music videos there are certain ways they market LGBT people. The point of my paper is to show that there are good LGBT representations and the ways the videos market LGBT people. There have been many good LGBT representations through music videos and the first one that I am going to talk about is “Take Me to Church” by Hozier. There are multiple meanings in this music video and the first one being in the beginning when Hozier sings, “my lover 's got humor, she 's the giggle at a funeral, knows everybody 's disapproval, I should 've worshipped her sooner” (Hozier). The lyrics here are saying is making me think that he is in love with this girl whoever she is. Throughout the song his lyrics are comparing the love of his life to the views of the church. Then in the video part it shows a gay couple that is being followed and tortured by masked men. You have to think about the lyrics and what is going on in the …show more content…
One of the good LGBT representations in the music video is that Christina Aguilera showed that no matter how you are what you believe in, that you are beautiful. For example, in the video there were two men who were kissing and holding hands in public. Another one is when there was a guy putting a bra on when he was changing. In this song she sings, “You 're beautiful, no matter what they say, words can 't bring you down, oh no, you 're beautiful, in every single way” (Aguilera). Christina mixes the video with the lyrics very well. I believe the way she does this makes this a good LGBT representation showing that no matter who you are that you are beautiful. Aguilera really covers just about everything in her video such as straight, gay, trans,

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