Make Me Proud Analysis

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Make Me Proud is a song created by Drake, featuring Nikki Minaj. The lyrics of this song can be analyzed through a feminist perspective. Drake begins the first verse by highlighting both positive and negative female characteristics in a provocative fashion. He continues with this approach throughout the song, contradicting the way that he celebrates women with opposing points of view, and then manipulates the song lyrics to also define those contradicting characteristics in a positive light. The sexual references are like lightning bolts throughout the song; rocking the world of the listener by enticing them with the controversy that woman can use sex for power. Although this idea of power could provoke a negative connotation towards women, Drake reinforces the celebration of womanhood by acknowledging his own obsession, and submission to the female sex. The song calls into question some of our culture’s ideologies about what is acceptable and unacceptable behavior for women in …show more content…
By beginning the song with descriptions of the main character refraining from sex, as well as fighting for her rights, the lyrics empower women by supporting both the decision to abstain from sex, as well as the decision to indulge. Nikki Minaj’s verse reinforces the idea that sex may be used for power by vocalizing her sexual abilities in the lyrics. Dolly Parton is also introduces as a sex icon to establish that sexual freedom, although controversial, is empowering through the basic idea that it is just that- FREEDOM.

Although the lyrics have the power to negatively influence future generations toward sexual exhibitionism, that is not the point that the song is trying to make. After all of the struggles that women have endured in the past, the lyrics are embracing the progress that woman have made by embracing the freedoms they now have, even the freedom of using sex to attain

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