Same Love Analysis

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The song “Same Love” by Macklemore is a very powerful song that has a deeper meaning behind it. The Song “Same Love” had changed my opinions and thoughts about gay rights and homophobia(people who have phobia of gay) within the hip-hop community and the world. Also it want us youth of our society to think in a new direction.

Humans in our society believe that the actions and activities that people are involved are either classified as gay or straight. “Same Love” starts off with the lyrics, “When I was in the third grade, I thought that i was gay, because i could draw, my uncle was, and i kept my room straight”. This clearly points out that society labels and classifies things as “gay” if the actions and activities involved are doing the
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At the end of the song “Same Love” by Macklemore says “Whatever god you believe in, We come from the same one”. Macklemore wants us to believe that it doesn 't matter of what religion we are in or what we believe in, we are all human beings that come from a mother womb. We live in a society where people are labeled as not human or people getting kicked out of church. Why? Because society can’t accept the homosexuals and there ways of thinking. For over the years countries like India where gays are discriminated have always been treated really badly. Even is christianity, due to the fact that in the bible it says a female was created for a man to love, many homesexuals don’t get accepted in church. This type of behaviour is no different that all other people in our society. The entire song shows the life of a boy growing up with a struggle to discover his true sexual orientation, but in the end everyone accepted who he was. Being positive to one another even if they are gay or not, you can greatly changed their life forever into a happy one or a sad one. I personally have a gay friend and i respect him and treat him just like the rest of my friend, i have never once laughed because he was gay. Discovering that he was gay was new to me but it didn’t mean that he is not

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