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  • How Did Christina Aguilera Impact Society

    to the top”. – Christina Aguilera. Christina Aguilera was unconventional in her youth but later made a good contribution to society. Her contributions not only impacted society, but were also impacted by her unconventionality. Christina Aguilera was born December 18th ,1980, she was raised in Staten Island New York. She attended Marshall middle school, and north Allegheny high school but, she didn’t attend college. Christina mother was shelly Kearns her father is Fausto Aguilera. She has one…

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  • My Love Of Writing

    Some may say in an unbearable voice, “Writing is so boring! I don 't want to write, be creative, or write essays about any historical event.” I was not surrounded by many lovers of writing growing up. That is why I appreciate writing as much as I do. It is the sense of being unique and not following the crowd of literacy haters that gave me my gratitude. It is a way to transform my inner thoughts into something worthy of pen and paper. From little jots about cats and dogs from my youthful days…

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  • Personal Essay: Rocket Power And Buying My Frosted Flakes

    My father started to come home later each night. First it was eight, then eleven, midnight, and eventually I wouldn’t even see him until the next morning. I would call him to see where he was, and the response I would get was “I have one more customer I need to sell a car to, I’ll be home soon. I love you, baby girl.” And of course I believed him and went about my business. But at that moment I didn’t realize that soon would mean the next day when I’m watching Rocket Power and eating my Frosted…

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  • Case Study: A Fish Story

    Aiza Nageeb A Fish Story Not everything in life is crystal clear; sometimes we need to dig deeper to find the true meaning behind a particular idea/thing. In the case study, "A Fish Story" a college professor is trying to teach his students a lesson by making them observe a small fish on a white plate. For three days in a row, the professor assigns the students the same assignment and as the days progress, the students find new results. The first day the students notice basic physical…

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  • Sequence: A Learning Pattern In Today's World

    Sequence is a learning pattern in today 's world and I am one point shot of using it as needed. I do avoid this though, mainly because I hate schedules and for the most part, it 's because it mentally exhausts me to have an organized life. Who has that? I can 't live by a calendar. On the other hand, I do use post-it sticky notes through out the day at home and at work because I am very forgetful. If I didn 't use them, I will be in so much trouble not completing tasks or projects at my work;…

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  • Stereotypes In Divergent Movie

    Most movies present characters with supernatural abilities that humans would never be able to do (have), yet in the movie Divergent, the character Tris is surprisingly relatable to the viewers. In this seemingly Utopian society, all members must pick one of only five different factions, to which they must remain in for the rest of their life. The scene I chose shows Tris going through the Dauntless ritual after she chose them as her faction. She ends up climbing structures, getting onto a full…

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  • Psychological Analysis Of Precious Movie

    This movie starts by introducing Claireece “Precious” Jones, a very miserable 16 year old living in urban Harlem who fantasizes about being “normal”. Her mother, Mary played by Mo’Nique, has a daily routine of watching TV, smoking cigarettes and cruelly oppressing her daughter by treating her like a slave, telling Precious that she wishes she would have abort her, and repeatedly telling her that she is nothing. The psychological abuse and manipulation is only underlying to the physical and…

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  • My Freshman Year That Changed My Life-Personal Narrative

    Freshman year I began my journey here at Seton Hall as a student-athlete by being introduced to a new group of girls that I would spend almost every waking second with. My roommate was my fellow freshman teammate, Allison (I’ve changed her name), whom I’ve never met prior to school starting. Due to us spending so much time together, adjusting to living with another person became easy. Allison and I became friends, communicated well with each other, and rarely had any problems. Then about…

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  • Colleon-Personal Narrative

    It was a warm summer night when I pulled up in my blue Corvette convertible to pick up my boyfriend, Coleton. To my surprise, he was already standing outside, dressed to kill, as usual, but there was a string of cars lined up along the curb. He motioned for me to pull in front of the cars; seemingly, trying to prevent me from seeing what was going on. I’d heard a lot of talk about Coleton being a pimp and drug dealer, but he has a regular 9 to 5 so I allowed myself to believe this talk was…

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  • Personal Narrative: The Puente Motivational Conference

    Recently my class was given an incredible opportunity to catch sight of life from others points of view. We took a trip to a university that I feel relatively unfamiliar with; Furthermore, I was given the chance to interact with many others that are in the same path as myself. Individuals that are seeking similar opportunities in life for betterment through education. I speak of an event special to my heart, organized by a group of amazing leaders that will guide me into being a successful…

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