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  • Ritual Murder In Shirley Jackson's The Lottery

    Summers said, “thought we were going to have to get on without you.” I believe that this foreshadows the idea that the town and her family will now have to get on with life without her simply because the refuse to get rid of the tradition and blindly follow it. But I could also argue that the idea that certain members are afraid of not having the lottery because they are afraid of what might happen if they didn’t have the lottery is much worse. I mean, consider how terrible things must be if the people fear it getting worse, or even how brainwashed they must be to believe that murdering one person every year is a way of keeping them all in check. I can’t help but wonder what they are protecting and who is protecting it if none of them seem to understand the meaning for such a brutal tradition. Jackson builds suspense in “The Lottery” by relentlessly withholding explanation and does not reveal the true nature of the lottery until the first stone hits Tessie’s head. Not only do the people of the town not know the meaning of it, but neither do we. Not until the moment when a rock actually hits Tessie does Jackson show reveal the true nature of her story. By…

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  • Ben Ross The Wave Analysis

    Wave finally comes along, Robert seizes the opportunity to make a change, but things get even worse. Although some might argue that the Wave has major benefits for Robert, he does not benefit from the Wave because he becomes violent and willing to do anything to change his reputation, finds a way to actually have power over his peers, and loses the ability to rely on…

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  • Flooring Experience

    I am assuming that you are truly aware of what is going on with the unit. The handling of this situation has been slime to known. The reason for this since this whole process started back at the end of August. I put a work order in for the dishwasher to be fixed. The Mountain Gate maintenance staff did a wonderful job on completing this work order. There was an email later sent out asking about my true representation of the property and unit. I did feel this out and was truly honest with it.…

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  • Nature Vs Nurture Theory

    Even if we are well intentioned, even if we think we know right from wrong, there may be factors influencing our decisions and behaviors that we’re not aware of,” (Gregoire paragraph 11). Nature influences people even when one has been taught something different. Sometime one nature overcome what the have been taught because it is truly who they are. One’s nature can both be the downfall and upbringing of their success. One's nature can have a bad influence on their success because they were…

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  • Six Of Crows Essay

    Six of Crows is far from a bad book. It is somewhat satisfactory, however I was expecting myself to be blown away. The first two books of The Grisha trilogy are something I highly regard. So unsurprisingly, I am ecstatic with Six of Crows’ prose. I was ready to be swept off my feet, but sadly that did not happen. There are a lot of factors, I considered why this happened. My top choices are, I finished The Fixer by Jennifer Lynn Barnes last night. And it’s everything I wanted and more. It is…

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  • Justice In A Thousand Splendid Suns

    to leave. “All she could hear was Nana saying, I'll die if you go. I'll just die. All she could do was cry and cry and let her tears fall,” (Hosseini 38). Mariam could do nothing but blame herself for Nana committing suicide. She felt even worse for leaving her just so Jalil would make her spend the night outside. She was at a very low point of her life right now. It is not completely Jalil's fault for Nana committing suicide but if he had just picked her up and taken her to the movies then…

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  • Solution Essay: The Importance Of Grading In High School

    High school is often very stressful for students. Many high school students spend many hours working on homework in order to ingrain the material into their minds. Other students may do this but are still never able to absorb the information that they are given. As a result, when report cards are distributed, some of the students who have worked or have struggled to work hard have not been able to understand the classroom materials are stricken with fear upon seeing their bad grades. Bad grades…

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  • The Outsider Colin Wilson Analysis

    Leicester, he worked many other jobs before becoming a writer. He was known to be the "the major literary genius of our century," unfortunately, he died at the age of eighty-two, from complications of pneumonia. Even though that tragic happened Colin Wilson is still widely known for his philosopher and novelist ways, and being the genius of his century.…

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  • Everything I Learned In Life

    not like a movie that you can pause and fast forward. Your life may be exiting or you have an easy life, but either way it 's the one you got put with. Maybe you just got into a wreck, or got cancer, or even got a deadly disease, but you must keep fighting for the ones you love. Keep living, weather you have the life you wanted or not, because things can change and you only have this moment, right now. You don’t get to choose weather your life is easy going or exiting so you either have to find…

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  • Personal Symbaloo Report

    across the different contents. Google 360 is a web-based virtual map that can give you 3D tours of essentially anywhere in the world. It is very cool to be able to see where you are teaching a lesson about and a good hook activity. To address my current needs, I have placed two content specific video pages, Crash Course of History and Epic Rap Battles of History. Crash Course does a nice job of summarizing many historical topics with great 10 minute videos of a “crazy” teacher with onscreen…

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