The Merchant Of Venice Appearance And Reality Essay

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Appearance and Reality in Shakespeare’s Merchant of Venice
There are many things in the world which appear to be something but are complete opposites in reality. In the same manner, Shakespeare has used appearance and reality in his play as a major theme. Various characters in the play are shown as giving examples of appearance and reality. Moreover, they betray as well as are betrayed many times because of their inability to differentiate between reality and appearance. The characters in the play are dual faced because they hide their reality and appear to be different from what they actually are in reality. At the grass root level, in the play we see women cross dressing in Venice and we also see the way Portia’s suitor in the casket lottery
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The villain of the play, Shylock is also deceived by his daughter as she eloped with her lover Lorenzo. Whereas Portia and Nerissa trick both Bassanio and Gratiano by asking them to give their rings in order to check their love. The theme of appearance and reality becomes an important part of the play. In addition, Shakespeare uses deception to amplify the unfolding drama and to make the audience develop interest in the play by creating suspense. The characters have also justified the arena of research at every point in the play. Antonio, who was actually not a character with an approach of gentleman inside him appeared to be helpful and generous in first part. But in third part, he reveals his other side by treating Shylock ill. Bassanio defines his love for Portia for her grace, charm and beauty reality reveals the truth that he loved Portia for her wealth not for her personal attributes. Their love seemed to be mark less in first part but later it was stained by the stigma of greed. Portia and Nerissa were dressed up in masculine apparels to defend Antonio. This dress up was meant to provide concrete image of Antonio which demonstrated power in their side.

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