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  • Justification In The New Testament

    Justification Justification by faith is the heart of the gospel. In order to fully understand the gospel, it is imperative to first fully understand the gift of justification and it’s glorious implications for us sinners. Justification by faith is what sets Christianity apart from every other belief system and religion. This subject however is no simple concept to grasp. There is nothing about justification that makes any logical sense, but rather it is only because of God’s radical love and grace we are justified and saved. Paul further explains our this in Romans 6:23 when he says, “For the wages of sin is death, but because of what Christ did on the cross, God looks at us and calls us righteous,” (Romans 6:23). Grudem further defines justification…

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  • Doctrine Of Justification

    For my final topic, I decided to utilize the doctrine of justification by faith in Christ. This doctrine is central to our Christian faith and shapes how we view our salvation in Christ. It is key that we have a good understanding of it because it can have an impact on how we view ourselves and how we view God. What is justification and how are we justified? Pastor R.C. Sproul speaks of this in a sermon on Martin Luther. He points out that our English word for justification comes from the Latin…

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  • Benefits Of Justification

    justify wicked humans? What does “justify” mean? What must happen for justification to occur? What do humans do to receive justification? What are the benefits of justification? How long will justification last? How long does it take to be justified? Using passages like Romans 3:21-26, among others, this paper will seek to answer these questions about the multi-faceted topic of Justification. Definition The Greek word…

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  • Justification By Faith Essay

    Justification by faith produces the ultimate reconciliation between an infinite God and finite man. Nevertheless, a justification without reassurance could convey the idea of a time or action limited outcome. Without a guarantee that the announcement of being declared innocent could not be revoked, creates a situation that may strain the believers’ actual faith. Fortunately, Paul confirms that God’s act is not only fully satisfying it is also without bounds. Paul has previously established that…

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  • Justification Through New Creation

    Macchia entitled “Justification through New Creation: The Holy Spirit and the Doctrine by which the church stands and falls.”. In this paper the reader should hopefully understand what the article is about by a summarization of the article itself. On the other hand the reader will be presented with the key arguments that the author expounds as well as getting a in depth critiquing of the article. Lastly the reader will get an idea of what the writer of this paper gained, learned, and took away…

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  • Colin Kruse Analysis

    boasting position before God. In the following verses, Paul tackles this subject even further by addressing circumcision, the very act that in the Jewish tradition yielded their favorable position with God. 3 In this verse, Paul once again begins with a question, but this time he turns his audience to the Scripture. Now he is confronting them with the words that they claim to live by. According to Moo, Paul was following Jewish custom by validating his case from a Scripture from the…

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  • The Wesley Understanding Of Human Salvation Analysis

    In order to accentuate our absolute our absolute dependence upon God’s grace, he now sharply rejected any suggestion of requisite good works or holiness prior to justification, characterizing all human efforts prior to saving acceptance by God as sin. However, it was not long before he became uncomfortable with implications that some drew from this theme of faith alone (Maddox 149). Wesley’s writing abound with affirmations of the provenience and indispensability of God’s pardoning / empowering…

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  • Playing God: A Love Story Of Michael Jordan

    Michael Jordan is one of the most notable basketball players in history. He 's retired now, but his name still gets brought up when people talk about great players. When he was playing professionally, he was always the first person to arrive at practice and the last person to leave. He always practiced the basics over and over again. He was a great player because he was someone who was devoted to practicing and there are similar stories about other great athletes. The only way someone gets…

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  • Martin Luther's Views On The Temporal State

    Luther defends his doctrine of justification by faith and not works by quoting several excerpts from scripture, particularly the passage from John 2:27, 29, “This is the work of God: that ye believe on Him whom He hath sent, for him hath the Father sealed.” God ordained that all men should have faith in His works alone. This is the only way to be considered a virtuous individual in the eyes of God, good works alone do not sustain the soul. Good works do not make a man a good person unless he…

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  • Romans 3: 21-27 Analysis

    style, and that “it has been influenced by the style of the spoken diatribe of the period” (Black 1989:14). Diatribe was a rhetorical device often used by Paul, which involved an imaginary interlocutor (Fitzmyer p. 359), or someone who questioned what Paul said for the sake of Paul’s argument. This device is seen throughout the whole book of Romans and in verse 27 of chapter 3 when Paul writes “Then what becomes of our boasting? It is excluded. By what kind of law? By a law of works? No, but by…

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