Examples Of Romanticism In Fifty Shades Of Grey

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Romanticizing Abuse Todays’ society is mentally misconstrued on what they believe is romantic and an act of love. Then again there are books, television series, movies, and even social media which say otherwise; they paint the ideal picture of what ‘Love’ is, in its many forms in popular culture. Fifty Shades of Grey is a renowned trilogy among the younger generation that explores a peculiar relationship between Christian Grey, a sex crazed Multimillionaire and Anastasia Steele, an inexperienced English literature college graduate. The start of their relationship is questionable on many grounds; does she understand the risk of this potential liaison and how it could affect her emotionally, mentally, and physically? The same can be said for Tess Durbeyfield in Tess of the D’Urbervilles. These women are entangled in a fictitious mindset of what they think is love. Are they truly in a relationship that can be loving, kind, and without fear or are they entranced by …show more content…
Both women mindsets were compromised when their pursuers lure them with enticing thoughts of what their life would be like with them in it. It is believed that Alec seduced Tess in her sleep and that she was not willing to engage in sexual activities with him but didn’t have a choice in the matter. Alec is a menacing, devious man that would do almost anything to corrupt the mind and body of an innocent, inexperienced woman which happened to be Tess. On the other hand, even though Anastasia was not reluctant to partake in intercourse she was however ignorant to the fact that her sexual desires was not the same as Christians’ sexual desires. He wanted a woman that would succumb to his every need and do so willingly. His sole purpose in life is to exercise control in all things even in his relations; therefore the act of ‘Love’ to her is merely another soul to corrupt for

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