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  • Victoria's Secret Persuasive Techniques

    Victoria’s Secret like many other clothing stores are selling the unattainable dream body. The ads used in regards to Victoria’s Secret are causing young teens and adult women to go after the unattainable dream of looking just like them. Women and young girls look up to these models and aspire to have the “perfect body”. The propaganda used in these ads is what makes girls and women buy their products. They buy into the ad selling the sexiest bra in hopes that they will look the same way as the models. The unattainable dream is body shaming by only focusing on one body type. Victoria’s Secrets uses slanting in their ads,uses the bandwagon effect, and silences girls who don’t have the “perfect body”. One of Victoria’s Secret bra lines is the “Body” by…

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  • Alaïa Culture

    • Culture Free body, Free women, body conscious culture credited with launching the body-con movement of the 1980s, which was in sharp contrast to the then-current trend for bulky, oversized women’s apparel, Alaïa established a signature for sculpted silhouettes that exalt the female form. He let women be proud of their shape and body, and ever changed the purpose of his work. S.Culture In fact, the personal background of Alaïa in sculpture led him to understand fully women’s body, and to…

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  • My Goals: The Influence Of Living With Obesity

    affect me personally while I was in Elementary and in Middle School. When I moved to be in High school, however, I began to feel social pressure to drop my excess weight, the sooner, the better. The mirror can be your friend or your enemy. I considered it my worst enemy because I had to look at something I feared: I had to face myself at my worst physical shape. I had what was called "man boobies":…

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  • Analysis Of Size Six By Fatema Mernissi

    In “Size 6”, writer Fatema Mernissi compares and contrasts the differences between Eastern and Western women across the globe. Her juxtaposition of the two highlights a larger conflict, one that is a massive problem in the Western world. When you think of the average Western woman, many picture a beautiful, skinny, burlesque-type figure in a tight dress. To be blunt, there are two general weight types viewed by the public: slim and obese. This generalization become a reality in part due to…

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  • Julie Mehta Pretty Unreal Analysis

    In Julie Mehta’s article “Pretty unreal: ever wish you could look as hot as celebrities do? Well, they don’t look as good as you think,” the main idea is how seeing all those artificially perfect images of celebrities can hurt the way you see and feel about your body; and the way you think others see you. The principal purpose is to inform that not because celebrities look fit means they are healthy. She affirms this idea affects boys, but girls the most. To support it, Mehta collected opinions…

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  • Fat Embracement Analysis

    Movement, in all reality, is for overweight individuals to feel comfortable about themselves; however, it leads others to become satisfied with their own overweight bodies, and makes those overweight individuals feel like they don’t need to change their lifestyles to healthier options. A prime example of an endorser for the Fat Acceptance Movement is Tess Holliday, the Size 22 model. She is a pretty individual, but she is also morbidly overweight. Her Instagram page is filled with multiple…

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  • Natural Science: The Challenges Of Overweight And Obesity

    (Murray & Ng, n.d.). With the highly innovated scientific technology and various obesity treatments, most of people in today’s society are still struggling with their weight issues, and I am curious on why people in today’s society are easy to get fat and whether people can reduce their body fat effectively through the scientific ways. If it is achievable, then what should people do? If not, then what is the alternative? The relationship between the science and the overweight and obesity is…

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  • Sexist Double Standards

    “Following the viewing of images of female fashion models, seven out of ten women felt more depressed and angrier than prior to viewing the images”- Radar Programs. Beauty standards have been present in almost all formal societies. They are proven hurt a woman's body image ("The Disturbing Effect Our Beauty Standards Have on Women Across the World."). Standards of beauty portrayed in the media are unattainable for most women. Bad self-image can lead to mental disorders, substance abuse, self…

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  • Eating Disorders In Modern Society

    they are more likely to suffer losses in self-esteem” ("The Facts About Girls in Canada"). Women face many challenges in society, a number of which are concerned with one 's self-esteem and body image. Body image has a large impact on women, especially thought who are particularly sensitive about weight and thinness. Many people consider skinniness to be a mark of beauty, however, women who are not considered skinny often fall under the category of unattractive. Women who are not necessarily…

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  • I Am Fat Steinberg Analysis

    Okay, So I’m Naturally Thin I constantly hear girls give me the same compliment, “Oh I wish I was your size, you’re so thin.” The “compliment” they say always tends to irk me because I’m naturally thin, I always have been, but not by choice. I know that if I did not have the genes my parents gave me I would not be the same size I am today. To be honest I consider myself to be a fat person. No, I do not have a body image problem. I know I am thin, but at this point I should be extremely fat. I…

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