Alaïa Culture

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• Culture
Free body, Free women, body conscious culture credited with launching the body-con movement of the 1980s, which was in sharp contrast to the then-current trend for bulky, oversized women’s apparel, Alaïa established a signature for sculpted silhouettes that exalt the female form. He let women be proud of their shape and body, and ever changed the purpose of his work.

In fact, the personal background of Alaïa in sculpture led him to understand fully women’s body, and to embrace every single part of it in order to magnify it. As a matter of fact sculpture played a major role in his work

“Supermodel Culture”
The figures of the model he discovered remain indelibly printed in our minds, who does not remember Naomi Campbell,
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Is being cool, sexy and exclusive
- Is a trend setter and loves to experiment different styles
- Lux. Is about quality and exclusivity
- Regardless of price (low price sensitivity)

The Epitome of the Alaïa-woman:
Age (28-40), modern and sophisticated; most likely affluent professionals seeking lasting luxury and timeless pieces, the Alaïa woman embodies the values of independence. They want to feel sultry and put-together whilst maintaining a modern fresh edge. Alaïa’s woman celebrates her body and she knows what his expert cut can do to their figure and is happy to pay a premium for quality (high purchasing power). The brand attracts customers who are looking for key pieces rather than throwaway pieces that will lose interest as the seasons change.

Karen Smith 35
New York Elite
Editor in chief of AD
Working mother
Travels often for work
Leads a healthy lifestyle
Big fan of Degas and Rodin
Is a socialite; always invited to jet set parties all over the world
Hobbies include art galleries, Pilates and interior design


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The scope is then to enlarge the potential customers circle
The related risk is that the quality of the products is also
« cheaper ». If so, it can affect the brand trust to the core brand.
In order to avoid this risk, the price positioning strategy and the quality will remain luxurious. The collection will be produced in a small scale, with a lower price point than the first line, still assuring high quality fabric and fine craftsmanship. By embracing the sensuality of women’s body, we keep the house of Alaïa modern and catered to the next generation.

• THE DESIGN: moodboard/colour range
The color pallet changes from the main house colors: let’s play with the shades of nude in order to enhance the lines and the body. Nude, symbolic of sensuality, and soft pink , iconic of femininity.
Soft and timeless colors
The choice of fabric such as stretch viscose knit (main house fabric) is based on the iconic craftsmanship of technical knits, a house signature. Introducing new emblematic material such as silk and organza to add a contemporary and sensual touch to the collection in line with the choice of colors.

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