Dove Real Beauty Campaign Analysis

The Dove Real Beauty Campaign: An Attempt to Revise the Definition of Beauty
The definition of “beauty” depends on many variables including age, gender, and culture. Furthermore, it is subjective to the interpretation of individuals and its portrayal in the media. In recent years, the media has generally portrayed the "ideal woman" as tall, white, thin, with a cylindrical body, and blonde hair (Nelson). Dove’s Real Beauty Campaign attempts to instill women of all sizes with confidence in themselves and their bodies by widening the stereotypical view of beauty. It strives to do so by using models in its advertisements that identify with the majority of the female population.
The Real Beauty Campaign came about when Dove was looking for a way
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It is marketed towards average women with real bodies, real curves, and real flaws. By depicting models that the everyday mother and housewife can relate to, it attempts to broaden the definition of beauty in the media. Furthermore, the women in Dove’s advertisements are meant to establish commonality with average women, so that they may also see themselves as beautiful. In doing so, Dove hopes to show women that their imperfections and eccentricity is what makes them truly unique and beautiful, not their size, height, or hair …show more content…
Merely changing a variable of campaigning has an impact on women which leads them to trust and view Dove as an honorable and ethical company that is concerned about its customers’ well-being, and not just their money. It focuses on the general body type of women by using average women to diminish insecurities of their viewers. In doing so, its advertisement sends a positive message to all women that they do not have to possess an impeccable body and that each physical feature they have is beautiful. Each woman is shown posing comfortably with a bright and confident smile across their face, which is supposed to instill the reader with the same qualities. By posing in undergarments, the advertisement underlines the self-assurance of the models which is intended to encourage the viewers to think similarly. Subsequently, the company wants viewers to understand that they can be beautiful with physical flaws, such as stretch marks and cellulite, and that its products are only a means of aiding their body in its continual

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