Jennifer Aniston Advertisement Analysis

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In the 2013 issue of InStyle, Aveeno, a major company for women’s hygiene products, placed an ad in the magazine for a daily moisturizing lotion. The ad used popular celebrity Jennifer Aniston to help endorse their product. It captured the attention of millions of women who read the magazine monthly by making their product stand out from others. The ad convinced viewers that Jennifer Aniston has flawless skin from using Aveeno Active Naturals daily moisturizing lotion. They achieved this by focusing on the emotion appeal, credibility and logical reasoning of the advertisement.
The ad for Aveeno Active Naturals daily moisturizing lotion showed Jennifer Aniston standing outside in the sunlight with a blurry ocean view behind her. She looks casual, but stunning in a grey tank top while she is looking over her left shoulder. Her long brunette with blonde highlighted hair is styled straight, her eyes are a beautiful ocean blue color and her skin is tan and glowing. The ad presents the image of perfection by showing Jennifer Aniston with zero body fat and gorgeous skin. Typically, this is what every women wished they looked like.
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The image of Jennifer Aniston in her grey tank top standing outside in the daylight shows her looking happy, radiant and approachable. The advertisers targeted the emotions of women with skin insecurities by placing the words “beautiful” and “healthier” in the ad. They also proportion Jennifer Aniston larger than anything else in the ad to show consumers how healthy her skin looks. It makes consumers envious seeing her perfect skin and in turn it touches their emotions. Emotions are very important to consumers and a critical part of their decision making. In most cases, women want an effective product that will help them look beautiful on the outside even when they don’t feel good on the

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