Women Are Too Sxualized In The Media Analysis

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In today 's society most advertisements focuses on women and their bodies. Women’s bodies are often dismembered in ads and shown in scarce clothing which represents most advertisements. Very often advertisements uses woman 's body in sexualization and objectification way. Sexualization is a common tactic advertisements and commercial uses which to create a frame of what their opinion of “ideal beauty” is.Jean kilbourne argues that ” the pressure on women to be young,thin and beautiful is more intense than before.”(Tedtalk 2014) The problem is that women are being too sxualized in too many ways in ads and commercials (Advertisements) plays a big role on influencing and shaping how women are seen in society. She adds that sexulization is more pornographic than ever, and also normalized [Kilbourne 2014]. In an anecdote, Kilbourne described that she would collect advertisements and as she did so she began to see a pattern about what it means to be a women in the culture.This video describes,focuses on the ways that women are sexulized and the impact it has on there self esteem. The media’s representation of women are too sexualized, mainly in print advertisements and television commercials.

Jean Kilbourne (2014) In Killing Us Softly Kilbourne states that sexualization is
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Social media has a big impact on women constantly comparing and objectifying

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