Flawless Diva Chic Marketing Strategy

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Consumer will be able to connect with my brand through social media, and different form of promotion such as TV commercial and magazine. Flawless Diva Chic is going to try connect more with consumer than other stores by creating a passionate connection. We going to create a different perceptive of the fashion industry by listening to customer what type of clothing making them feel good, we going to build a relationship with our customer.
Flawless Diva Chic is changes the fashion industry by offering beautiful at sexy for our thick and plus size girl and women. Founder Kellisha Roberts, has design 5 fashion clothing in order to start her business. The portfolio of design features active wear, causal, swimwear, sleepwear and elegant clothing.
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It’s what the customer feel comfortable in. Thick or plus size women are the intended gender. Lifestyles are for female who enjoy trendy clothing item, affordable fashion, active, and formal. At Flawless Dive Chic, we values our customer by providing the consumer with the best service, cost and product. We going to provide with everything to make you feel and look beautiful.
My product is a trend. We keep updates with the lasts trendy outfit, in order to bring satiation to our customer. This fit in with our target audience because young people also trying to keep with the lasts trends and Flawless diva is going to provide all those trendy clothing. Place
Flawless Diva Chic will be sold online and in speciality boutiques. The advantages of selling my clothing online is you shopping at the comfort of your house, not long checkout line, and have a varsity of sizes ( meaning you done have to go a next store because one store did not have your size). Disadvantages of buying online, not being to try on the clothing , technology can sometime be a problem and only paying with credit card( meaning what if some people don’t only a credit card). Advantages for speciality boutiques are employing people, face to face customer service and no delivered fee. The disadvantages of specialty boutiques other stores competition, lack of sizes in clothing and long checkout

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