Victoria's Secret Persuasive Techniques

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Victoria’s Secret like many other clothing stores are selling the unattainable dream body.
The ads used in regards to Victoria’s Secret are causing young teens and adult women to go after the unattainable dream of looking just like them. Women and young girls look up to these models and aspire to have the “perfect body”. The propaganda used in these ads is what makes girls and women buy their products. They buy into the ad selling the sexiest bra in hopes that they will look the same way as the models. The unattainable dream is body shaming by only focusing on one body type. Victoria’s Secrets uses slanting in their ads,uses the bandwagon effect, and silences girls who don’t have the “perfect body”. One of Victoria’s Secret bra lines is the “Body” by
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is silencing all body types that don’t match their mold. In Jason Stanley’s article , “Language That Silences” he defines silencing as, “linguistic strategies for stealing the voice of others.” By V.S. only showing one body type they are silencing all other body shapes and sizes. The models have to have a specific body type to become a Victoria’s Secret Angel and to walk in the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. A model must be 5ft 9in, body shape 34-24-34, and a body fat percentage of 18%. According to The Sun, “Healthy “normal” women have between 21 and 24 per cent body fat, while athletes have between 14 and 20. Anything lower and you risk organ failure and death.” V.S. models have to train like athletes to keep their BMI at 18%. In 1967 Dwyer, Feldman, and Mayer surveyed a group of middle and upper middle class suburban high school seniors, finding that 61% had dieted, 37% were currently dieting, but only 15% were actually obese. Even young girls in the sixties were feeling the pressure to look a certain way. Only 15% of those seniors were actually obese but 61% of them had dieted before. By only showing one body type Victoria’s Secret is showing girls this is what the “perfect body” looks

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