My Denomination Research Paper

My Denomination is Christian reformed, were similar to many others but yet we differ in many ways as well.Our denomination formed on the basis that people wanted and realized they need a reform in the Church.(What is Reformed?)
We were originally part of the Roman Catholic Church,what after the time of the great split,had an extremely corrupted clergy and weren 't quite focusing on Christ anymore. People spoke up against the Church, but the Church did not change its ways seeing as how most people were uneducated they could do nothing,that was until the renaissance spurred learning once again.
With the birth of the renaissance people once again began to read the documents of the church and people began getting their hands on bibles,soon they were able to see the Church was not sticking to the word and they wanted change. As a result these groups of formers went off and created their own churches and so the protestants came to be.(Basic of Christianity) The Protestants were one of the first churches to break off from the roman catholic
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The Church was growing rapidly and there was no where else to go,so the board of the church formulated a plan that they should form a third Christian reformed Church and it turned into what is present day Covenant.(Our Begin) The idea of a new church was first proposed to the congregation of First Christian reformed in a bulletin announcement on July 22 1973, in this bulletin they stated they would propose a new building and a new church. The congregation agreed and very quickly families signed to be willing to attend this church,13 in the beginning. In a just a few short weeks the new Church would be

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