Methodism Through The Word Analysis

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Methodism through the Word Religions have been around for a while. It has helped people in many different countries and states. In this particular course we focused on how religion affected the mountain people. In particular Methodism is an interesting domination. It was started by John Wesley and has continued to grow today. In this paper Methodism will be outlined by its history and origin, comparing it to characteristics of Appalachian religion in the word, and if it is still thriving today. In 1729, John Wesley and his brother Charles attended Oxford University in England. They with the help of a friend George Whitefield, organized a group to practice a system of faith and discipline within the Anglican Church, which was the main Church of England at the time. The group approached a more logical way with their spiritual exercises and charitable works, they were labeled Methodists. This created a rift with the Anglican Church. Wesley did not realize they would become separate until later in his life. In 1735 the Wesley brothers and Whitefield sailed to the colony of Georgia, where they served in various capacities. While they were in Georgia, the three men encountered the Moravians, evangelical Protestants who had …show more content…
It required change as the domination moved from England to America. People took the religious idea of Methodism and made it their own in their church. So, The Methodist Church underwent a lot of change through the course of history. But in particular a lot of change happened within the United Methodist Church. But after 1968 when the first United Methodist Church began. They had approximately 11 million members. It became one of the largest Protestant churches. After this happened it went around the world and there was conferences in Africa, Asia, Europe, and the United States. There was a decline of members in Europe and the United States. But it continued to grow in Africa and

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