The Early Postclassical Era

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The Early Postclassical Era (Religion) Identifies many well-known religions that are still in place today, like Islam, Judaism, Christianity, Hinduism and Buddhism. These major religion, had influenced millions of individuals all over the globe. This piece of writing will give viable information’s about how and where some of these major religions started, and the geographic that they influenced. The Expansive Realm of Islam, Islam had a prophet named Mohammad who helped start the religion Islam, Muhammad was born in Mecca in 570 C.E. in his later years he did find himself a lady named Khadija who was a widow and came from a wealthy background. Muhammad lived from 570-632 C.E. In 622 C.E. The Islamic calendar began and soon after …show more content…
India used what is known as a cast system, and which it helped many individuals propel especially for immigrants. However, there’s been numerous of invaders like Alexander the Great and Muslims, as the Muslim invaded in India they began to locate in northern India and began to settle by establishing small communities in major cities of India. There’s a comparison of the two religion Hinduism and Islam. “In India many Hindu believers lived in southern part of India and those who were Islamic lived in the northern area. Many individuals were Hindu which dwarf Buddhism in India. | Islam was a slow growth in India, many of the converters came from low economic backgrounds. Countless missionaries converted to Islam. Various Islamic converters from India, were low income individuals who were seeking a way to prosperity. Temples that were built from the Hindus, help created business and social gathering around it. “- Group 2 Slide 1 “In the 1st to the 6th century, the kingdom that was under the rule of India was known as Kingdom Funan. And its successor eventually was called Harsha and that reigned lasted from (606-648) and which it leads to the rule in northern India. Moreover, Islam was presented first in north India and was seized by Arab Muslims, which helped construct the public in many cities all over India. Also, during the Chola Kingdom from (850-1267) was one of the major kingdoms to ever to be built. It was able to triumph over many parts of Asia; they were equipped with a strong navy base adjacent to the South China sea to the Arabian Sea. Due to the lack of firmly ruling, the state began to dissolve. Various centuries’ after the obliteration of the Chola Kingdom, there was the kingdom of Vijanyanger that mounted out in many ways, partly because it was established by two brothers that

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