Reasons For The Spread Of Islam Dbq

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In the city of Mecca, a man started a new religion known as Islam. This man was Muhammad who was born in about 570 C.E. As he prayed in a cave in the mountains of Mecca in the year 670, he was visited by the angel Gabriel. Further, this angel proclaimed that Muhammad was a prophet, or messenger of God. As he received messages from God, Muhammad began to teach and recite the revelations to others. Moreover, these revelations were recorded in the Qur’an, which was the holy book of Islam. Over time, Islam attracted new followers through military conquest, trade, and the appeal of message, all of which contributed to the rapid spread of Islam. To begin with, perhaps the first major reason for the swift spread of Islam was successful raids followed by military conquests. Through Islamic military campaigns, the religion expanded and prospered. Particularly, the …show more content…
From the years 622 to 632, the western Arabian Peninsula was controlled by Muhammad. Afterward, east of the Arabian Peninsula and west Asia were also conquered between the years 632 and 661. Later, from the years 661 to 750, parts of Asia, North Africa, and Spain became ruled by the Umayyad Caliphs (Document C). Clearly, one may conclude that the Muslim military campaigns helped conquer numerous regions of the world. Moreover, when non-Muslims were conquered, they were allowed to practice their own religion, but had to pay an additional tax. As a result, many non-Muslims chose to convert to Islam to avoid the stiff taxes. To this end, the faith of Islam grew and spread. In addition, Ghazu raids also contributed to the precipitous expanse of this

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