How Did Religion Influence The Thirteen Colonies

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Religion has had an enormous influence in the evolution of the thirteen colonies. However it has also had an impact in the reinforcement of the US as a nation. Religion beliefs were fundamental in particular colonies. Religion helped shaped the population, forms of government, economy, culture, politics, and along with others. Give me liberty is the main resource of the fundamental information on how important religion has been in the evolution of the thirteen colonies.
Many of the European settlers went to America in seek to find religious liberty. They hoped to set up a genuine form of their faith in America. The pilgrims are one the religious influences in the colonies they fled to the Netherlands in 1608. They believe that Satan had initiated blasphemy in England. The pilgrim leaders agreed to “obey just and equal laws.” It was the first written frame of government. Furthermore John Winthrop established a colony in Burton Massachusetts. They believe Christianity shall follow more strictly the Bible. They had the ideology that it was their intention to setup an authentic Christian society. They were called puritans along with Calvinists, they were mostly followers of John Calvin. They
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Religion made the establishment of certain important policies. For example the separation of state and the churches was a proficient event in the colonies. Jefferson was the one that hoped to establish a “wall of separation”. He aspire to separate politics from religious control. The movement of separation of church and state received a crucial impetus during the time of the revolutionary era. Thomas Jefferson write out a bill to incorporate religious freedom. It was the first bill introduced to the House of Burgesses in 1719 but they didn’t consider the bill until 1786. The idea of the separation of church and states made an impact on how people viewed political matters such as having more liberal

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