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  • The Puritans

    The Puritans: The Cause of the Hunt Heard Across Salem “The Puritans were one of many groups throughout human history who wanted to be special, to be set apart from others” (Carr, 2015). Little did the Puritans know, they would soon set themselves apart from others in an unimaginable way. Dr. Karen Carr earned her PhD in 1992 after graduating from the University of Michigan. Shortly after graduating, Carr took on the roll as a history professor at Portland State University. She has studied and taught to students the history of the Salem witch trials. According to Carr, around 1630, the Puritans made the voyage from England to what is now known as Salem, Massachusetts. They were looking to break away from the Church of England and focus on…

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  • Puritans

    The Puritans came to America seeking practice of religious freedom, however it was their type of religious “freedom”. That is to say that, Puritan values were very strict. “Exile made the Puritans tougher and sterner and gave them also the bitterness of frustration”. Puritans customs included attending church every Sunday and it was required to sit in a hard seat all Sunday. In Puritan beliefs, dancing was considered unacceptable and women could only receive a basic high school education. In…

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  • The Puritan Dilemma In The Puritan Dilemma

    The Puritan Dilemma Imagine living in a world where someone’s own personal and religious life was being affected by that of the country that they lived in. In most cases that was not a life they wanted to live, and some people looked for a way out. In the case of the Puritans of England, they willingly sailed across three thousand mile Atlantic Ocean, for a chance to set up a settlement where they could live and worship the way they believed was the right way without the pressures of the crown. …

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  • The Puritan Movement

    Although the Puritan society has become synonymous with strictness and death, its society and ideals have influenced culture throughout history. The origins of Puritanism can be traced back to the Protestant reformation and their separation from the church of England. The Puritans believed that the Church of England needed to be purified, that the church leaders had too much power and that it should be more evenly distributed throughout the church body. In the 1560s due to their beliefs, the…

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  • Puritans Influence

    The Puritans were one of the first people to travel and move to America in 1650 (“People & Ideas: The Puritans”). The Puritans had a large influence in the making of America. At first, the Puritans were misconstrued as the Pilgrims known for beginning the holiday of Thanksgiving because similar to the Pilgrims, the Puritans were Protestants from England and Calvinists believed that the reforms and decisions of the Church of England did not do enough (“People & Ideas: The Puritans”). However,…

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  • Analysis On Puritans

    The Puritans This thesis is going to talk about The Puritans and their kind of society to the new world, and their religion. Puritans are a complex religious group who are defined by their beliefs, and their hope to establish a society in the new world. They are known to be a religious minority group who believed that the Church of England needed to be purified of the influence of Catholicism. During the early 1600s, their religious faith was made in England. The Puritans believed that the…

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  • The Puritan Colonists

    During the late Seventeenth century, Puritan colonists in New England were faced with a dilemma. As their population increased, the colonists wanted and needed more land. They began to view the natives in the area as an obstruction to their expansion. Due to the Puritans’ belief in their superiority over the natives, they were able to justify their harsh treatment of the natives which led to King Philip’s War. The Puritan colonists’ actions toward the natives were cruel and excessive and…

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  • Puritan Influence

    Puritan Influence on Modern Times and Ideas Have you ever noticed how similar puritan traditions and our modern society are when compared? For example, throughout history we have seen many occasions where women are seen as inferior, religious persons making it a common practice and societal law to go to church every week, how we Americans conduct ourselves on a daily basis, and even the way we dress. There are still many concerns on how much of the puritan society still affects us today,…

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  • Puritan Confidence

    main European workers to the Unified States conveyed with them Old World thoughts and encounters that impacted the way they cultivated their property, composed their administrations, and worshiped their divinity. One of these foreign traditions was the Puritan confidence, a result of the Protestant Reconstruction. A living confidence, entered the lives of John Winthrop, and the organizer of Massachusetts, his better half, Thomasine, shaping their day by day considerations and…

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  • Early Puritan Beliefs

    Discouraged by the Church of England and the king, the early Puritans came to America to escape persecution and to establish religious, moral, and societal reforms. The government and religious authority are virtually inseparable and the individuals who question the local authority are accused of questioning the divine authority. The church dominates the Puritan community. The church provides individuals with common shared experiences, scriptures, and a communal source of morality based on…

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