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  • Salem Possessed: The Salem Witch Trials

    Although the majority of the afflicted during the Salem Witch Trials were women, some historians believe that the men of the village were the true driving force behind the trials. Paul Boyer and Stephen Nissenbaum are two such people, and in their book Salem Possessed: The Social Origins Of Witchcraft, they write about their discoveries concerning the long standing economic and political issues underlying the trials in Salem. Within their work, they split the citizens of Salem into two separate factions: those who wanted autonomy of Salem Village, led by the Putnam family, and those who were more interested in Salem Town, led by the Porters. At the most basic level, the feud starts with the tangible divide of land borders between the village…

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  • Salem Witch Trials: The Salem Witch Trials

    village, Salem. There had already been a trial the month before. Why were groups of people hanged for witchcraft in Salem in 1962. There were some poor teenage girls drunk with power and they started the Salem witch trials. The teenage girls accused older women of witchcraft, some little girls were drunk with power, and the poor people were jealous of the rich people. There were some teenage girls who were wildly accusing older women left and right. 22 out of 29 of the accusers were in…

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  • Hypocrisy In Salem And The Crucible

    To what extent does hypocrisy affect society? Hypocrisy is normally seen as a personal issue and it’s societal impacts are often overlooked. During the Salem witch trials, hypocrisy played a huge role in the hangings of 19 people. It created mass hysteria, which deeply affected how Salem’s societal values were interpreted. Hypocrisy is ultimately responsible for the events in Salem and The Crucible, as characters try to cover up their own flaws with lies, leading to innocent people being hanged…

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  • Salem Witch Trials

    Anh Nguyen Research paper The Salem Witch Trials Religions have long been not only a controversial topic among societies, but it also played an important role as a foundation of the early North American social as well as religious life. As their main belief was that God should be involved in aspects of one’s life and worshiped constantly, any behaviors or motivation going against his will were all considered as sins, thus, they must be punished. One of the great way to envision…

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  • Witchcraft Hysteria In Salem

    Were socioeconomic tensions responsible for the witchcraft hysteria in Salem? YES Paul Boyer and Stephen Nissenbaum believe that the political and economic tensions among the people of Salem, Massachusetts are to blame for the chaos in regards to witchcraft. They compare the events to a dramatic set piece where the town was in a power battle between political members and clergymen with the common folk and famers. Farmers were adamant about not becoming a part of commercial communism, wanting a…

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  • The Salem Witchcraft Trials

    Have you ever once wondered what it would feel like to see one witch, let alone a whole bunch of them? What it would feel like to witness one of the the most dramatic and devastating events of history? Well it ever so happened to be that in the year of 1692 that is exactly what happened. Sadly, twenty people lost their lives because other people were convinced that they were practicing witchcraft. In 1692 the Salem witchcraft trials began when a few deceitful girls accused faultless people…

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  • The Salem Trials And The Salem Witch Trials

    after being accused of using witchcraft in 1692. In Massachusetts Salem Trials first began in January of 1692 when a group of young girls, who later came to known as the “afflicted girls” felt sick after playing a fortune-telling game and began behaving strangely(Brooks). More than 200 people were accused of using witch craft. Like many other people the write, found this information interesting that she chose to learn more about it. Doing so she used the website…

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  • Salem Hysteri The Salem Witch Trials

    In 1692 hysteria hit the town of Salem. This iconic event in American history has had historians puzzled for centuries, because there is no clear evidence for why this witch hunt became more intense than any other American witch trial before it. Through my research, and previous knowledge, I have discovered that there are two main sources of fuel for the witch trials. The first, the leaders of Salem decided they could take advantage of the situation and pushed people into “the loop,” where…

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  • Dbq Salem Witch Trials

    There are many hypotheses on how the Salem Witch Trials began. In Salem 1692, many innocent people were put to death. Salem is a miniature town with a population of 600 people. Many of these people grew up with each other, but why would they accuse one another for being a witch if they knew them for ages? In this paper, I argue that LSD mixing into the supplies of grain, people acting to get the attention, and jealousy caused the Salem Witch Trial hysteria in 1692. LSD getting into the supply…

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  • Tituba And The Salem Witch Trials

    The Salem witch trials all started with Tituba who was a slave of Samuel Parris. Several other girls joined Tituba in the kitchen in early 1692. People thought that Tituba and her group had a black magic dance in the woods. The girls would fall to the floor and start screaming and this behavior started to spread all over Salem. Soon after the Puritans believed that the girls would never put themselves under such a spell. They started asking the girls who did this to them and who tortured them,…

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