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  • Deming Case Study

    innovation, risk taking, and new ideas. A learning organization takes the employees contributions, it learns from past experiences and takes all the knowledge into the organization daily activities. The learning organization concept came from Peter Senge and its five main disciplines; systems thinking, personal mastery, mental models, shared vision, and team learning. Systems thinking, it is a concept that organizations use to collect information systems that measures the performance of the organization. It is the ability to comprehend, and examine the incentive and the means to integrate the discipline. One example of systems thinking is system maps also called diagrams. The second discipline is personal mastery, it is the commitment of process learning that an individual makes to the organization. The individual learning is acquire through self-improvement and staff training. The third discipline is mental models, these are assumptions that individuals have for the organization, and it is necessary for the organization that employees always develop new skills and orientations for a good change. It is the discipline of moving the organization in the right way. The fourth discipline…

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  • Goals And Objectives For The 16 Weeks Of The Co-Op

    The main goals and objectives for the 16 weeks of the co-op are learning the process and system of the company, developing new sales customer relationship skills, increase the performance of PressReader using my abilities and getting a job offer at the end of the co-op term. The plan will be divided into four main categories, each one related to the each of the four months of the co-op time. The first month (from the 8 of August to 8 of the September) is the time to get familiar with the…

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  • Quality Management In The Air Force

    (Rinehart,2001, para. 10). Beginning of the new century, the Air Force shifted their quality management mindset by introducing “Performance Management”. The Air Force Chief of Staff at the time, Gen. Michael E. Ryan said “If we perform our assigned mission tasks with excellence and improve that performance in a measurable way, we are operationalizing quality,” (Spaits, 2000, para. 2). As mentioned above, there were limited factors with TQM. The new Performance Management program “provides…

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  • Improving Customer Loyalty And Satisfaction With Epicor ERP Analysis

    Integrating software and automating customer features improve online conversions while streamlining internal accounting and decision-making processes. The latest Epicor software iteration offers improved content management capabilities and extended support for complying with continuously evolving financial and compliance regulations from globally based sales jurisdictions. All software applications are enhanced, and Epicor ERP software offers the following signature business benefits when fully…

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  • Personality And Sales Success Analysis

    “A study designed to determine what relationship, if any, exists between personality and sales success. “ Personality and Sales Success were carried on with a group of 75 salespeople from a large department store. Brief summary of the findings follows”. (Arthur F. Dodge). 1. A low positive correlation (+6=.16) was indicated between social dominance and sales success. 2. This correlation is much too low to be of value in differentiating between good and poor salespeople. 3. None of the other…

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  • Marketing Vs Marketing Of Services

    implementations includes the people, process and proof of the services’ offered on to top of the 4 Ps approach of marketing. Marketing in general, can be defined as, the process of implementing all plans and strategies including product, pricing, promotion and place (distribution) of products from factory to consumer. Freight forwarding is a service industry that relies heavily on third party providers to assist them to deliver a service to…

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  • Persuasion Sales Representative

    Persuasion- In order to be a highly profitable sales representative in the medical industry, the most important element of the job is persuasion. The representative must be able to switch from both retailers, to physicians, to consumers and understand their different needs and communicate accordingly to complete a sale. It is necessary for them to create, change, and reinforce opinions of the new product in order to get it into the market and increase market penetration. Active Listening- To…

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  • Customer Relationship In The Retail Automotive Industry

    My experience in marketing started early in my career when I took control of the internet sales department, a relatively new concept in the retail automotive industry. A lot of this knowledge was gained through trial and error, as the industry was in the middle of a change at that point, and I was handling an uncharted territory by myself. The question approach in the sales process helped me uncover a lot of what it took to get a potential customer to move from looking at a website to walking…

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  • Importance Of Customer Relationship Management

    Question: Why is Customer Relationship Management so important? Answer: Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a process of collecting, managing and evaluating detailed customer information across various touch points to understand their needs and ensure customer loyalty. Customer touch points include all interactions of the customer with the brands, products and services of a company. CRM is implemented with the help of people and business processes in addition to technological…

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  • Career Exploration Paper Example

    Career Exploration Paper The major I declared is business management and the career path I want to pursue after my undergraduate is a sales representative role. East Carolina University is located in Greenville North Carolina and the business management major falls under the College of Business. The college of business offers five undergraduate degrees with various concentrations adding towards the general business minor. The degree you may pursue to get are: accounting, finance, general…

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