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  • Integrating Indigenous Values

    Over the next few pages I plan to look into a few of the research sources that I’ve come across in the past month or so doing research for our Individual Endeavor. However, I am not writing to draw conclusions and create a thesis statement. Rather, I plan to dive deep into what makes each piece of writing what it is, from its audience, genre, situation and medium. The first source that I will be exploring in this essay comes from the Journal of Sustainable Tourism. The article, entitled “Integrating Indigenous values with capitalism through tourism: Alaskan experiences and outstanding issues” focuses on the relationship between the indigenous people of Barrow, Alaska and the tourism that sustains a sizeable part of their economy. The second source is a piece published in High Country News, an online news site catering to primarily outdoor concerns in the western part of the country. It is entitled “What 's killing the Yukon 's salmon? An ecological mystery in Alaska has scientists and fishermen baffled and alarmed.” This articles reports on the decline of Chinook or “King” salmon in the southeast region of the state and the state as a whole, and explores possible causes. I would like to first examine the situations of each source, specifically their authors, Kevin Hillmer-Pegram, who is a faculty member at the University of Alaska: Fairbanks, and Ben Goldfarb, who reports on a variety of topics for High Country News. Obivously, the situations of the authors are…

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  • Essay On Trout Fishing

    Wide variety of bass Fishing Tips Trout fishing is definitely an enjoyable or frustrating overdue, depending on the period of time you would spend looking to understand the nature of trout. When fishing for rainbow trout, you will need to understand their habitat, their hiding spots and what baits benefit them well as a way to plan your fishing techniques. Trout fishing is one of the many fishing sports that are popular. Fish belonging to the Salmonidae family are referred to as trout fish. It…

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  • Daddy Long Legs Case Study

    asexually way. • Produce spores. • Interact with other organisms. This can be for something beneficial or can cause infections. • They are decomposers and break down the organic and inorganic materials into molecules. Agaricus Rhizomucor miehei Ascomycota Mushroom Mucor Sac Fungi…

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  • Pacific Northwest Salmon

    The Dam Problem with the Decline of Pacific Northwest Salmon For generations upon generations, native Salmon have played a crucial part in the culture of the Pacific Northwest. Native American culture has been influenced and built around salmon. Today, salmon populations are at an all-time low and populations are still plummeting. Many subspecies have gone extinct. Throughout the next several pages, I am going to explore what salmon are, how they have been used, what led to their decline, what…

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