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  • Argumentative Essay On Salmon

    Salmon fishing has always been a semi-reliant source of food for natives in all parts of Alaska for centuries. The prosperity of the salmon in these areas has been necessary to the survival and prosperity of Alaska 's ancient and current inhabitants. The debate on salmon in this reason is often surrounding two main questions: Why are the salmon populations flourishing, and why are they not in other areas of the united states. These questions and more can be answered not by looking at current ecological occurrences, but looking deep into the past, into antique recordings of catches of Alaskan fishers of the 1200 's. From researching why at times there is growth in salmon population, I found that it is closely linked to weather patterns. In…

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  • Salmon Case Study

    basis. They are also of lower income level that will be able to afford expensive protein in the future. This section of the audience can be influenced against purchasing by farmed salmon when they can afford it in the future. This audience resides all over the world including Chile, Norway, Canada, and the United States. These consumers cook at home the majority of the time, but also eat out on occasion.…

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  • Environmental Effects On Salmon

    In the same way that humans catch diseases fish can too. Some diseases in this instance comparable to the black plague have had a terrible effect on the salmon population in specific regions. One of the most infamous diseases, the Ulcerative Dermal Necrosis, which is one that effected almost all the salmon in Scotland in the late 1970’s. In attempts to remove the parasite that was killing the fish, Scotland succumbed to loosing all the salmon in nearly over 20 Norwegian rivers. “The parasite,…

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  • Pacific Northwest Salmon

    The Dam Problem with the Decline of Pacific Northwest Salmon For generations upon generations, native Salmon have played a crucial part in the culture of the Pacific Northwest. Native American culture has been influenced and built around salmon. Today, salmon populations are at an all-time low and populations are still plummeting. Many subspecies have gone extinct. Throughout the next several pages, I am going to explore what salmon are, how they have been used, what led to their decline, what…

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  • Alaskan Salmon Analysis

    If I were to create a nature documentary, I would focus on the lifecycle and human-related difficulties of Alaskan salmon. This is because they are something I already have a fundamental understanding of due to my experience as both a recreational and commercial fisherman in Alaska. The documentary would be intended as an educational piece aimed at stimulating awareness and interest in salmon while also subtly advocating for greater protective measures on Alaska’s natural salmon runs. As such,…

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  • Advantages And Disadvantages Of Pacific Salmon

    1) Pacific Salmon Life Cycle a) As it stands, man-made dams disrupt the complex and specific life cycle of the Pacific salmon. Dams impact and affect the pivotal reproduction of the salmon species by causing a disturbance in the pattern of migration during the reproductive season. The Pacific salmon goes through two miracles in its lifetime of transformations of changing its entire system to go form fresh water to salt water. The miracles of the fish bodies adapting to the change in environment…

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  • Organic Contaminants In Farmed Salmon

    us do not take into consideration the risks of consuming salmon. Toxins are increasingly present in marine life. Unfortunately, the data from the “Global Assessment of Organic Contaminants in Farmed Salmon” shows that toxins in farmed salmon are “significantly higher” than those found in wild salmon (Hites, et al., 2004). Significant among six other toxins are the carcinogenic PCBs (Hites, et al., 2004). For example, PCBs from farmed salmon in Scotland and Norway have been found to be roughly…

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  • Persuasive Essay On Salmon Farm

    Good morning fellow council members, My name Sidpasamde Tiendrebeogo, I am the mayor of Paradise Island. As mayor, I take complaints about unemployment being on the rise, population increasing, and that the environment is becoming less pristine. As you may already know, their is a deep sea salmon farm proposal which will be at 0.5 km from the nearest land mass. This proposal shouldn’t be approved because the risks outweigh to benefits of having a salmon farm. The nutritional…

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  • Global Warming Changes In Salmon

    Introduction Salmon are a very important fish species that contribute to the economy and play a very critical part in the food chain as they are the primary source of food for many animals and a food source for humans. Their annual migration is a miracle of nature that provides an insight into the yearly population and the abundance of their species (OLWQS 2014). However, the salmon population has decreased in the past few decades due to the effects of global warming causing changes within the…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Aquadvantage Salmon

    Aquadvantage salmon controversy “Up to 80% of the processed foods sold in the U.S. contain GMOs”(Jane Black, 1) If ninety percent of our foods have Gmos why is it that only twenty five percent of americans think they 're safe? Aquabounty created a genetically modified fish that has been dubbed “frankenfish” by opponents of aquadvantage salmon. Aquadvantage salmon have been called “unsafe” and “dangerous”. Though there are downsides to the fish, such as their increased insulin growth factor 1…

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