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  • Summary Of Sam Houston And The American Southwest By Randolph B. Houston

    In Sam Houston and the American Southwest, Randolph B. Campbell argues that Sam Houston was a great leader but with a subpar personal life for most of it. The four major moments one should pay attention to when discussing Houston’s time of leadership, are his time governing Tennessee, leading an army during the war for Texas independence, his time running Texas and lastly, his time as a member of the Senate for the state of Texas. Houston made decisions based on what he feels is the best for his people in the long run. In 1827, Houston ran for and won Tennessee’s gubernatorial race against Newton Cannon. At this time Houston supported the Constitution and wanted to protect Tennessee from any possibility of the federal government violating…

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  • Sam Houston: An Authentic American Hero

    While Sam Houston is one of the most widely known individuals throughout history, many do not know his bitter rivalries in the creation of the Republic of Texas. Houston was born on March 2nd, 1863 in Rockbridge County Virginia. As a product of his era, Houston embraced Westward expansion and moved to Tennessee. While the true intentions for Houston’s arrival in Texas are unknown, it is evident he quickly rose within the hierarchy of Texas politics as he was elected to President at two separate…

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  • Randolph Campbell's View Of Sam Houston In The Republic

    “Houston was courageous, sensible, and practical. He was right far more than he was wrong, and he never hesitated to oppose mass opinion so long as there was a chance of converting it to his own way of thinking” (Campbell xii). These are the words Randolph Campbell uses in the preface to set the tone for the way he is going to discuss Sam Houston for the rest of the book. Campbell’s opinion and view of Houston is highly romanticized and idealistic. Although he does admit that Houston does have…

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  • Mision San Antonio De Valero

    However, there is much to learn from the Battle of the Alamo, and the rich history surrounding it. The Alamo was recaptured by the bravery of the Texans, “For the Texans, the Battle of the Alamo became a symbol of heroic resistance and a rallying cry in their struggle for independence. On April 21, 1836, Sam Houston and some 800 Texans defeated Santa Anna’s Mexican force of 1,500 men at San Jacinto (near the site of present-day Houston), shouting “Remember the Alamo!” as they attacked. The…

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  • Sam Houston Character Analysis

    The beginning of the Battle of the Alamo would certainly determine the general’s character, but the outcome would prove of much more importance. William Barret Travis was in command at the Alamo and Houston would here the constant plea for help for reinforcements. Houston faced the task of making a critical decision and with it came grave consequences if it were the wrong one made. Travis in his plea stated, “Then, I call on you in the name of Liberty, of patriotism, & of everything dear to the…

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  • A Line In The Sand Analysis

    straw for the rebels that they compared it to the battle of Thermopylae in which the Texan rebels were the Spartans and the Mexican army were the Persians. In the future, Texans will remember the battle of the Alamo as the turning point in the revolution of Texas. The people of Texas at the time, the Anglos, would no longer tolerate the tyranny of Santa Anna. Indeed the battle of the Alamo etched itself in the making of the republic of Texas and would be viewed as one of the major causes of the…

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  • Strengths And Weaknesses Of Sam Houston

    A man who went down in history as one of the most respected men in the world, Sam Houston, came from nothing and made himself into a person people admired. Taking part in important battles, getting involved with politics alongside, Andrew Jackson, the United States’ 7th president, and governing states towards success. There was no better man than him to be chosen as the first president of the Republic of Texas. Sam Houston was a hardworking individual who didn’t bother to waste time on…

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  • Why Is Sam Houston Important

    Sam Houston is considered by most to be the real father of Texas. What did he do for Texas? Who is he? Why so important? This article will answer all of those questions and more. In his early life young Sam Houston was quite the troublemaker in fact, he ran away from home at a very young age! Houston’s father died at the age of thirteen and soon after Houston would run away from home to go live with the Cherokee Indians. The chief became Houston’s adopted father and he was given the Cherokee…

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  • Sam Houston: A Brief Biography

    Sam Houston has done many incredible things in texas history today. But, sometimes people don’t know enough about his early life, like when it all started and when it all ended. So, this short essay is wrote to inform people about the early childhood and the interesting facts about sam Houston. Sam Houston, which is just a nickname, his real name is Samuel Houston, is a great man and has made a great leader. From being the governor of two states and president of the republic of texas Samuel…

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  • Sam Houston Speech Analysis

    The author of this primary source is Sam Houston. As the governor of Texas in the year of 1860, Houston was a participant in this case as he was delivering a speech. The speech given addressed slavery in Texas and secession in the era leading to the start of the Civil War. In this speech, it is evident that Houston’s race, economic status, as well as personal background had an effect on his opinion regarding the subject at hand. Houston was a white man who was an unregretful slave owner, and…

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