Essay on Sam Houston : The Life And Times Of The Liberator Of Texas

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While Sam Houston is one of the most widely known individuals throughout history, many do not know his bitter rivalries in the creation of the Republic of Texas. Houston was born on March 2nd, 1863 in Rockbridge County Virginia. As a product of his era, Houston embraced Westward expansion and moved to Tennessee. While the true intentions for Houston’s arrival in Texas are unknown, it is evident he quickly rose within the hierarchy of Texas politics as he was elected to President at two separate times. However, as Williams suggests in his book, Sam Houston: The Life and Times of the Liberator of Texas, an Authentic American Hero that Houston 's temper and a fondness for confidentiality blocked his top political ambitions . Not having a stable childhood, Houston ran away from home during his teenage years, as this was the likely period when his abandonment and trust issues began. This forced him to developed strong family bonds with the Cherokee Indians. Moreover, Houston mentioned Chief Jolly as a father. Later in 1830, in Indian Territory, Houston was legally made a Cherokee Citizen, as there is a “letter of adoption .” In 1813, Houston joined the United States Army, noticing his impeccable work ethic he quick was awarded more responsibility. Although his noticeable actions in the Battle of Horseshoe Bend in 1814 were remarkable as he received near fatal wounds, one never fully healing but gaining the recognition of General Jackson creating a lasting friendship. In all…

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