Antonio López de Santa Anna

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  • The Alamo Battle Analysis

    the Texans to defend the Alamo concentrated around their lack of accurate and timely intelligence collection, the non-reporting of actionable intelligence as it pertained to the enemy’s composition and courses of action, and failure of higher command to supply the outpost with proper logistic support. According to Barker and Pohl (2016), the battle for the Alamo took place over 13 days from 23 February 1836 to 6 March 1836. It was one of first battles of the Texas War for Independence. The war transpired from October 1835 to April 1836. During the battle for the Alamo, a small group of Texas defenders led by Colonel James Bowie and Lieutenant Colonel William Travis fought a large contingent of the Mexican Army led by General Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna. Hickman (2015) states that in late autumn of 1835, a small group of Texas rebels surrounded the…

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  • The Alamo Movie Analysis

    Can you imagine being surrounded by the professional warriors of Santa Anna forces who were so large in number, that he had his troops marching two days apart from each other? The way Santa Anna handled the battle of the Alamo showed us his strengths. Will all know that biggest problem at the Alamo was that they lacked in supplies and their manpower was fading rapidly, however; despite the effort, the valiant male defenders of the Alamo were enormously outnumbered even if they had the large…

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  • A Line In The Sand Analysis

    The detail is provided in a chronological order throughout the book in which it starts with Santa Anna before the battle and goes on as time progresses until after the battle of the Alamo. The books tells a story through a narrative perspective in the first half of the book then combines both narrative and analytical storytelling during the second half. It tells the journey that both sides of the Alamo took to get there and what paths they and what they did took afterwards. The book has a…

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  • The Alamo Analysis

    is set off by Texas rebelling from Mexico and its dictator Santa Ana, who is leading the Mexican army himself. The Texan War Party wants to cross into Mexico and confront the Mexican army. The other party wants…

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  • The Mexican Revolution Summary

    He organized and trained a small army in guerrilla tactics and succeeded in cutting Mexico’s City communication with both coasts by 1813. He believed in a caste free republic with all lands restored to the Indians. He summoned a group at Chilpancingo, in the western mountains, to write a declaration of independence and a constitution. Meanwhile, the royalist army broke out of Mexico City and reclaimed the other cities the rebels had captured. Eventually, they reached Chilpancingo. Morelos was…

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  • The Alamo Movie Essay

    The film opens up at the point where Santa Anna has gained victory in defeating the American/Texan Army at the Alamo. Sam Houston is then shown being told what occurred at the Alamo. From this point we see the film transitions into a flashback a year before the battle to introduces us to the important people of the battle and show us how it lead to it. We are shown that Sam Houston is at a party where he is talking to people about Texas and how they should immigrate to it. At the party Houston…

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  • Causes Of The Alamo

    It existed where present day San Antonio is. The Texans that were fighting at the battle of the Alamo reflected the same sentiments as a majority of the revolutionaries. The battle of the Alamo was an 1836 attack on the Alamo mission in San Antonio. Mexican forces during the Texas revolution greatly outnumbered the Texans at this battle. James Bowie was a United States pioneer and hero of the Texas revolt against Mexico; he was in charge of militia; second to enter Alamo. He fell sick on…

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  • Mision San Antonio De Valero

    The Alamo, which was originally named Mision San Antonio de Valero, served as a home to religious missionaries and their Indian converts for many years. Construction of the Alamo had begun on 1724. In 1793, Mexican officials separated San Antonio's five missions and distributed the rest to the Indian residents. These people continued farming the fields that were once the mission's and participated in the growing community of San Antonio In the early 1800s, the Spanish military stationed a…

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  • Personal Narrative Essay: Growing Up In Texas

    on all goods coming into Texas, even goods arriving by ship. There was even some troops trying to collect a duty on me! The conflict erupted in gunfire between Texans and Mexican troops when some ship captains refused to travel to Anahuac to pay the duty. During the next few years, the problems continued and people from each side were captured and imprisoned. Although the relationship between Anglo Americans and Mexican officials seemed to be worsening, some of my Anglo American friends…

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  • Santa Anna And Bolivar Analysis

    life personalities, with the setting being volatile enough for these characters to be placed center stage. Latin America was no exception. In the north came the many reigns of Antonio López de Santa Anna, a charismatic yet inept leader who infamously…

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