Improving Customer Loyalty And Satisfaction With Epicor ERP Analysis

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Improving Customer Loyalty and Satisfaction with Epicor ERP Integration of eCommerce

Improving Customer Loyalty and Satisfaction with Epicor ERP Integration of eCommerce
Today’s eCommerce applications greatly depend on powerful self-service tools that that improve customer loyalty. Integrating the software provides many B2B benefits for satisfying customers and improving the customer experience. Epicor ERP software offers automatic upgrades so that online organizations always have the latest tools and technology to improve online conversions. Although many of these features work well even when companies implement the software directly out-of-the-box, using all the applications to their fullest capacity depends on the eCommerce integration
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Integrating software and automating customer features improve online conversions while streamlining internal accounting and decision-making processes. The latest Epicor software iteration offers improved content management capabilities and extended support for complying with continuously evolving financial and compliance regulations from globally based sales jurisdictions. All software applications are enhanced, and Epicor ERP software offers the following signature business benefits when fully integrated by a skilled vendor: [2]

Expanded Cloud Services
Customers can choose from dedicated tenancy, multi-tenancy and single-tenancy cloud hosting options. Enhanced Compliance
Compliance issues constantly evolve as multiple jurisdictions add or change financial regulations, product guidelines and privacy requirements. Epicor’s ERP software now offers new applications for international financial compliance and a dedicated compliance engine. However, all compliance decisions and internal monitoring depend on communications, internal alerts and high visibility of internal compliance requirements in manufacturing, advertising and storing privileged information. Integrated systems can automate data collection and trigger alerts when compliance issues change or when internal processes violate a given regulation from one
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The applications include 40 on-demand videos that any authorized user can access.

Upgraded Capabilities for Global Customers
The software is available in 36 languages for global marketing, but an integrated system is essential for calculating foreign taxes and duties and converting currencies automatically on customer invoices and company records. Customers overwhelmingly prefer getting information in their own languages instead of relying on translations, which can generate inaccuracies. Providing translations in multiple languages can improve customer loyalty by generating a seamless ordering experience. Increased Tools for Analytics
Epicor’s latest ERP software expands analytics capabilities while making detailed data easier to monitor and use. Successful analytics operations require require lots of data about what customers do in addition to information from third-party associates. Integration enables improved visibility and the creation of customized dashboards. Advanced analytics can be used to drive better internal decision-making, improve online conversions and generate more leads for sales

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