Goals And Objectives Of The Pressreader

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The main goals and objectives for the 16 weeks of the co-op are learning the process and system of the company, developing new sales customer relationship skills, increase the performance of PressReader using my abilities and getting a job offer at the end of the co-op term.

The plan will be divided into four main categories, each one related to the each of the four months of the co-op time. The first month (from the 8 of August to 8 of the September) is the time to get familiar with the different processes of the company and learn the strategies of the business. During this period, my capability to adapt to the new environment will be crucial to succeed.
The second quarter of the co-op (from the 8 of September to the 8 of October) is the
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The systems and processes of PressReader will be totally assimilated and my performance will drastically increase, enhancing the overall outcome of my duties, rising the satisfaction levels of the PressReader customers and creating new commercial opportunities for the company.
The last quarter of the co-op (from the 8 of November to the 8 of December) is going to be the endorsement of my achievements at PressReader. In this specific period the performance will be at optimal level and efficiency. In addition, the relationship developed with PressReader customers will be solid and ready to further commercial opportunities that may expand the company’s
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In addition, the application of tools such as Competitive Advantage Theory, Core Competencies, Situational Financial Analysis, Stakeholders Analysis or Digital Marketing Strategies will be critical to increase the outcomes at PressReader.

A game changer in the publishing and technology like PressReader reaches all the expectations for career objectives. Some of the numerous areas that the company could help me develop my career are customer relationship management, technology development, strategic planning or financial forecasting. The option to keep working for PressReader when the co-op finishes and developing a long term career for a company that is constantly growing and enhancing the publishing and technology industry, made me see myself building a long lasting working relationship with PressReader.

My mentor/Supervisor is Steve Chapman, Senior Director and Global Content Partnerships at PressReader. He is a friendly person, result driven, relationship oriented and passionate about the publishing industry. The positive attitude and enthusiasm about the PressReader project motivates others to accomplish the company

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