Sally Ride

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  • Women During The 1980s

    inventions changed the world forever, including the personal computer and the Space Shuttle. During this time there were also many spectacular moments in sports history, including the miraculous U.S. hockey team from 1980 and the incredible rookie performance by sports legend Magic Johnson. The equality and treatment of women also made remarkable progress in the 1980s, when SandraO’Connor was appointed as a justice in the Supreme Court and when Sally Ride travelled into…

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  • Case Study: The Challenger Launch

    impact, but the cause of the accident was linked directly to a malfunction of the rubber O-ring seals in the Solid Rocket Booster assemblies (Fong). In the wake of the tragedy, NASA suspended all flight operations for almost three years while the accident was investigated. President Ronald Regan announced that a committee of 13 people, named the Rogers Commission, would be given 120 days to determine the probable cause of the accident and determine the actions the would have to be taken to…

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  • Sally Ride Essay

    Sally Ride is a famous astronaut who has accomplished many great things. She is known for being the first American woman and being the overall third person to travel into space. Sally has brought the world to realize that men are not the only great people out there and that woman can be amazing too. Sally Ride is remembered as a national hero who changed the fate of America’s space program. She has taught people to reach for the stars and to keep on trying no matter what. Sally…

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  • Essay On Sally Ride

    program in 1978. The space race inspired Ride to look into the idea of becoming an astronaut, but she didn’t believe it was a possibility until NASA started actively seeking out women. Because of Geraldyn “Jerrie” Cobb’s encounter with the FLATS program, Sally Ride and other women were allowed to become astronauts in NASA’s space program with the help of some federal acts to protect women's new found rights such as the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and Title IX. Once she was at NASA, Ride went on…

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  • Sally Ride Research Paper

    people who have played important roles in my life so far, but if I could select one person to spend the afternoon with, I would choose Sally Ride, the first American woman astronaut. The foremost reason why I would choose Sally Ride is because of my aspiration to one day be an astronaut. For…

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  • What Is Sally Ride Courageous

    INTRODUCTION Why is Sally Ride one of the most courageous people to ever live? Sally Ride was courageous because she was able to show Perseverance, Excellence, and Respect in and out of her job . Although Sally Ride wasn’t the first American in space, she showed excellence and still achieved her dreams and was the first woman and youngest woman to ever go to space. Perseverance First, Sally Ride was a courageous person because she showed a lot of perseverance.Sally Ride showed a lot of…

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  • Short Biography: Sally Ride

    Born May 26th, 1951, Sally Ride was the eldest of two daughters. Her father, Dale Burdell Ride, was a professor of political science and her mother, Carol Joyce Ride, was a counselor. She was born in Las Angeles and grew up in a wealthy neighborhood in the San Fernando Valley. Her parents always encouraged Ride and her sister to do their best in all aspects of life, while also allowing room for them to independently mature. From a young age, Ride showed promising ability in both athletics and…

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  • Sally Ride: How Hard To Become An Astronaut

    Sally Ride, born, as Sally Kirsten Ride was a physics professor and the first American female to become an astronaut. During her childhood she was intrigued by any activity that involved athleticism in addition to physics and space. These interests later proved to be extremely beneficial in her adult life. Though her parents encouraged her to push through gender norms; she faced adversity from her peers. However, she was unmoving in the face of this adversity and worked hard through college and…

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  • Intergenerational Service Reflection Paper

    family member to help out for the stuff he can’t do anymore makes it easier because that’s what family is for. Now every couple weeks if his arthritis isn’t flaring up he build stuff for friends or for around the house but if a lot happens at once he needs help. He told that once I get to that point it is better to just let people who are willing help. It makes it a whole lot easier on yourself and people close to you. They get frustrated when you don’t let them help and you get frustrated when…

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  • Aj Cronin Dont Be Sorry For Yourself Analysis

    “Don’t Be Sorry for Yourself,” a thought-provoking essay written by A. J. Cronin. It deals with the problems of anxiety and trepidation in our life. In this age of competition and rush, everybody seems either afflicted or knows someone who is afflicted. The highly competitive and material culture undermines our nerves. Anxiety and self-pity are due to the fear of failure and doubt in various professions, different relationships, achieving success and other materialistic things which may lead us…

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