Space Shuttle

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  • Space Shuttle Challenger Essay

    developing life forms. Robotic and human engineers are both needed to maintain flight in a shuttle. From the robotic stand point controlled by humans based millions of miles away, not all the info needed may be attained, and disturbances are most likely to occur controlling the objects. But a human can work out the kinks on every aspect needed if trained correctly. But even being trained correctly cannot stop the dangers that wait outside this planet. Danger is what they are trained for, and risks are what they must take. Leaving their families…

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  • Functions Of The Space Shuttle

    Another primary function of the space shuttle is to send satellites off to space. Therefore, it’ll require a component to hold the satellite along with the crew. Also, the orbiter will need to handle additional payload. If this function fails, the space shuttle would not be able to take flight or safely fly up to space with the satellite. Furthermore, there should be an additional thrust to help the orbiter to escape the gravitational pull. the space shuttle should be reusable (Dunbar).…

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  • Space Shuttle Program

    On February 1, 2003, the Space Shuttle Columbia exploded over Texas and Louisiana upon re-entry into Earth’s atmosphere. The loss of the shuttle and its crew was from a piece of insulation foam that detached from the shuttle’s external tank. Fuel had nothing to do with the explosion, they burned the remaining fuel before re-entry. Space exploration takes a lot of money, the budget increased 3.1 percent from 2003 to 2004. The Columbia incident was the second of two tragedies of space shuttle…

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  • Space Shuttle Research Paper

    necessary in life as we know it. Starting in the 1950’s, scientists, astronauts and aerospace engineers now had to consider adapting to the conditions of space. From a great decrease in gravity, to almost no air in the atmosphere, to even the near absolute zero temperatures, space requires great attention in understanding and adapting. Unfortunately, there have been many accidents pertaining to space shuttles throughout NASA’s…

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  • The Dangers Of The Space Shuttle Challenger

    disasters when it comes to the space program. In the past, two space shuttles fell victim to politics which ended in tragedy. According to Bolman and Deal (2008), they reported that the U.S. space shuttle Columbia was descending to earth from space when astronauts begin receive numerous emergency signals from the instrument panel of the spacecraft. Sadly, all on board died in the disastrous explosion (Bolman & Deal, 2008). Many years earlier, the space shuttle Challenger experienced the…

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  • Space Shuttle Case Study

    important (Blanchard). An “objective tree,” like in figure 2 below, may help in facilitating the prioritization task of this process. For instance, is it more important to maximize cost effectiveness or to maximize system effectiveness? In the case of the space shuttle for NASA, they prioritized on maximizing cost effectiveness due to the budget cuts they received during the 1970s (“Challenger…”). They figured it will be more cost effective to have a reusable space shuttle instead of a…

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  • Space Shuttle Essay

    Shuttle and Station Sushil Shrestha Early study of Space Shuttle began before Apollo 11 moon landing in 1969 when President Nixon formed the space task group. The group evaluated the feasible study of reusable space vehicle. During the earlier period, there was a debate on optimal design of vehicle that balanced the capability, development and operational cost. Once the problem was solved, President Nixon formally announced the development of space shuttle in 1972. The inception of space shuttle…

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  • Space Shuttle Challenger Failure

    In January of 1986, a conference call was conducted between NASA and Morton Thiokol Corporation engineers. The next day, the space shuttle Challenger was scheduled to launch from Cape Canaveral, Florida. Engineers with Morton Thiokol attempted to convince NASA to delay Challenger’s launch because the icy temperatures could cause the O-rings to fail, leading to catastrophic consequences. The O-rings sealed the rocket’s motor joints; made of rubber, they were likely to lose elasticity in the…

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  • Space Shuttle Challenger Speech Analysis

    heartbreaking tragic event of the Space Shuttle Challenger. The explosion of the Space Shuttle Challenger took the lives of beloved people; Michael Smith, Dick Scobee, Judith Resnik, Ronald McNair, Ellison Onizuka, Gregory Jarvis, and school teacher Sharon Christa McAuliffe. This event of the take-off was viewed by many Americans, including school children. President Ronald Reagan delivered a comforting and honoring speech, the “Shuttle Challenger Disaster Address.” In this speech, Reagan not…

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  • Space Shuttle Columbia Research Paper

    Fifteen years ago on February 1, 2003 Space Shuttle Columbia Crashed. Columbia launched January 16, 2003. Around 82 seconds after Columbia had lifted-off a piece of foam had fallen from a “biopod ramp” which was a piece that helped support the external tank. With this piece fallen the department of defense prepared to use the orbital spy cameras to get a look at the left wing. However, NASA officials declined the offer. On the day of February 1,2003, Columbia was making a normal landing…

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