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The Shuttle Challenger Disaster of 1986

The Disaster of the Space Challenger not only affected the way NASA checked their space shuttle and produced them but it also changed the way that they were viewed. Despite the disaster, NASA has gone through positive changes still to this day. These positive changes such as the way they are viewed by Americans as a whole and also being able to make technological advances to improve space missions.

The Challenger was expected to explore into space on Jan. 20, 1983, to release the first tracking and data relay satellite. In turn it later became part of a series of satellites that was used to stay in touch with controllers back home. One of which was used to communicate with the astronauts on the Challenger
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This burned through the main fuel tank, which caused the liquid hydrogen and nitrogen enter inside the shuttle, which caught fire. The flame started in the joint of the motor, which was sealed with rubber O-rings. NASA had tested the O-Rings before and stated that they could fail below 53 degrees fahrenheit. On the day of the crash, the temperature was 36 degrees fahrenheit. Which is not within the limits and many people on the ground tried to prevent the launch that day due to the inclimate weather, yet they were …show more content…
Including being more scheduled launches and decision. The following year in according to UPI 1988 “the budget was increased nearly 76 percent to $116.2 million - for safety, reliability and quality assurance programs” (Hays). The space shuttle Ronan resumed flights in 1988, the engineers made nearly 200 changes to the rocket, shuttle and the rocket boosters. There have been various other accidents after the space shuttle crash of 1986, including one in Columbia. NASA says they now have a safety-first culture with processes in late to better field and address safety concerns. The procedures are continuing to increase and have led us to where we are today. NASA has even implemented a law or rule called the Presidential commission which stated “the action as required proper to the next flight, first flight/first year operations, and development of sustainable safe flight rate” (Garber). The law included various ways on improving space travel and had a wide list of recommendations on how to pull this off. Some including solid rocket motor design and independent

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