Sputnik Dbq Analysis

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October 4, 1957 is when Soviet Union [Russia] launched Sputnik 1, starting the Space Race. 10 years earlier the cold war started mainly with United States and Soviet Union. Because of that, the Americans were worried because of the technology that they could possibly use for military purposes other than exploration. The Americans were being left behind in technology. They created NASA to build rockets and satellites to compete with the Soviet Union. Then on May 25, 1961, President John F. Kennedy and NASA convinced Congress to help pay for the programs to get to space and the moon. They met many challenges to meet their goal set by the president. There were any aspects with the race to space, some of them are political, social, and economic …show more content…
With the launch with Sputnik 1 many Americans were also afraid too other then shocked too. It also meant that citizens and U.S in general could be in danger from the Soviet Union even though being across the world and with ocean barriers. (Doc A). U.S and its citizens are going work hard to “even” with Russia and take the lead. (Doc D) The failed launch of the Vanguard rocket in 1957, December 6th “embarrassed” America in front of the whole world while the Soviet Union rockets to space. Possibly with advances in science and rockets could help other problems or cause new ones or (stated early) could mean there are other problems to deal with instead of the space race. (Doc G). The Successful landing on the moon with Apollo 11 made the space race a win to the United States and surprised the world. (Doc J).

Some more aspects that effected the economy are from Documents C, D, G, I. While trying to achieve their goal the budget of it was high then the normal, and it will be hard to pay for especially with the defense budget too. (Doc C, D, I) Winning the Space race could solve or help problems on Earth or that the economy is cut enough with the current problems at the time like the Vietnam War. On the graph the NASA budget increased through 1958 – 1970 but the defense budget decreased through 1958 – 1970 cause of payments now going to NASA and the space program. (Doc

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