The Importance Of Race For The Future

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Jacob Jester
Mrs Wesbecher
College English
15 September 2015 Race for the Future
Bang! The shot rings out. Just moments ago the two runners lined up, glancing at each other with a taste of disgust, while thinking how surreal it was that they were once teammates. Nerves trembling from head to toe, each competitor is anticipating the gun as well as every move the other runner is going to make before the race has even started. The two countries are off and out at a pretty steady pace. Each finding new trails to cut down this very lengthy race by miniscule amounts of distance and time. Both fighting for this one goal, and doing whatever possible in their power to keep the other team from winning. As they round the last turn, Russia kicks on the
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Studies have shown a steady rise in power usage by 1,300 percent since the 1950s (University of Lincoln). This demand for energy is increasing the need for a more pure, reliable, and substantial form of energy. One such source comes in the form of solar power, and yes this solar power will be different than ever before. Technological advancements will allow satellites to absorb direct light from the sun and then redirect the energy into grids down on Earth. There is one huge advantage to this compared to the conventional way of using solar power. Due to the absence of the day and night cycle, power can be harvested all day long. However, many improvements to efficiency during the transfer of harvested power will have to take place …show more content…
This alone would be a huge breakthrough in scientific research as the first time ever in the history of science that this is accomplished. Another goal of many people who endorse space exploration is to find materials and precious metals. For example, one theory is the abundance of methane on Mars (Howell). It is also believed possible to find as much as 5.4 trillion dollars worth of precious metals (Hackett). Metals ranging anywhere from platinum to the common metals like iron. In November 2014, a European Agency had a successful landing on an asteroid and tested many capabilities of harvesting these metals from the asteroids (Hackett). Therefore, many companies including Deep Space Industries and Planetary Resources are competing in this expanding

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