Space Shuttle Challenger Essay

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Astronauts have the greatest job out of this world, and experience situations most people cannot even contemplate. From missions to our moon, now taking our knowledge to different planets in search of developing life forms. Robotic and human engineers are both needed to maintain flight in a shuttle. From the robotic stand point controlled by humans based millions of miles away, not all the info needed may be attained, and disturbances are most likely to occur controlling the objects. But a human can work out the kinks on every aspect needed if trained correctly. But even being trained correctly cannot stop the dangers that wait outside this planet. Danger is what they are trained for, and risks are what they must take. Leaving their families …show more content…
Regan states, “we’ve never lost an astronaut in flight; we’ve never had a tragedy like this… But they, the Challenger Seven, were aware of the dangers.” Regan, as well as the astronauts knew of the potential dangers The Space Shuttle Challenger faced. The cause of the accident in the New York: Columbia University Press, written in 1988 by Lewis, S.R. Described how, “the loss of the Space Shuttle Challenger was caused by a failure in the joint between the two lower segments of the right Solid Rocket Motor.” Managers at NASA knew that Morton Thiokol’s, a contractor, design of the SRBs held a flaw, but did not address it. That flaw ultimately caused the Challenger 7 Disaster. The flaw in his design dealt with the O-rings, which joined the two lower segments of the right Solid Rocket Motor. Engineers warned the NASA managers about the danger of launching the shuttle at low temperatures, but were completely disregarded. With this problem occurring further investigations were done revealing problematic sequences, which could have been solved. Possibly resulting in the savior of the passengers on board the Challenger. These problematic sequences started with, “The two pad 39B cameras that would have recorded the precise location of the puff were inoperative.” Stated by Lewis, S.R. Situations that should have never have evolved in the first placed, taking the life of the Challenger

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