Themes In 'Among The Red Guns'

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Among the Red Guns is a poem written by Carl Sandburg that portrays a speaker describing details of war. However, who the speaker is and what gender they are is made unclear throughout the poem. Notable in this poem is that the speaker continues to use the phrase, “dreams go on.” Sandburg uses literary devices such as imagery, tone, and repetition to help illustrate and provide information about war and its difficult aspects. Most importantly, Sandburg utilizes these literary devices in order to inform the audience that regardless of conflict, there is always hope (dreams).
Throughout the course of the poem, one can see imagery at display. Sandburg mostly uses this imagery to help the reader illustrate the scenes of war. For instance, several
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Again, the basis of this poem is to create a feeling of the battle field, more specifically the mentality of the soldier. This can be inferred in line 7 when the speaker states, “in the heads of soldiers.” Throughout the poem, the speaker highlights certain objects such as: red guns, leather saddles, and hot muzzles because these little, but crucial, details help add a more depressing mood to the poem. Although the narrator does use depressing factors, it should be noted that the poem’s ghostly tone would have been gaudier if the poem contained more imagery in terms of environment. For instance, if the poem included either a line such as: dark, cloudy skies or the sound of thunder could still be heard over the sound of explosions in the …show more content…
As the battle wages on, the soldiers are facing external conflicts such as enemy gunfire, explosions, and the possibility of injury or death. Furthermore, these soldiers are facing internal conflict of wanting to escape the battle in order to preserve their sense of humanity by dreaming of a better place.
In essence, Carl Sandburg did an excellent job in drafting a poem of which describes war. Using literary devices such as irony, tone, and repetition, Among the Red Guns provides the audience insight into the horrifying images of war and inform them that hope (dreams) will always be present despite carnage and

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