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  • Assembly Line History

    Assembly lines are a “manufacturing technique in which a product is carried by some form of conveyor among stations where various operations are performed” (Columbia Encyclopedia). This extraordinary idea was one of the greatest things to come out of the Second Industrial Revolution which spanned from 1870 to 1914 (Mokyr, p.1). Assembly lines made our world the way it is today, adding overall convenience to buying. Today, stores are able to sell millions of units of product before going out of stock, as opposed to the late 1800s to early 1900s. With the help of assembly lines, stores are able to save money during production, making products less expensive and passing those savings to consumers. In general mass production “raised the standard…

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  • The Assembly Line Analysis

    The assembly line has historically been lauded for the success it brought to the auto industry, specifically during the production of the Model T built by the Ford Motor Company starting in 1908. What is often overlooked, however, is the human toll of this technological invention. Despite the exponential growth in efficiency and profit resulting from the assembly line and the higher employee wages that followed, worker satisfaction suffered. Frederick Taylor’s principles of “Scientific…

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  • Walk The Line Analysis

    Film Critique Presenter (Anne Smith): Good evening, Australia. I’m Anne Smith and this is Sunday. Tonight, we will be travelling back in time to review the heart-warming romance, Grease (1978). This will be followed by a review of the blockbuster comedy, Zoolander. However, yesterday, we remembered the loss of music legends Johnny and June Cash (née Carter). To begin the show, we have Dilki De Silva with us to give her critique of Walk the Line (2005), the award-winning biopic of these two…

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  • Henry Ford's Invention Of The Assembly Line

    “Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, and working together is success.” Henry Ford is often referred to as the father of the automotive industry. Although that is not the truth, he did, however, change the industry forever for the better. With his invention of the Assembly line, it would change cars all over the world. Ford and his motor company were one of the most successful motor companies of the early nineteen hundreds. Henry Ford and his invention of the Assembly…

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  • Life On The Global Assembly Line Analysis

    "Life on the Global Assembly Line" written by Barbara Ehrenreich and Annette Fuentes condemns the exploitation of women industrial workers in third world countries. The authors ' explicit and detailed writing style engages the reader and reinforces the seriousness of the subject matter. By focusing on intolerable working conditions and overwhelming health hazards, Ehrenreich and Fuentes provide further detailed evidence of this abusive practice. Their article, while several decades old, still…

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  • Film Summary: The Global Assembly Line

    Film Review: The Global Assembly Line The World economy has experienced distinct phases over time, yet one of the most important and revolutionary systems has been capitalism. Capitalism can be defined as a socio-economic system motivated by profit and labor power, focused on the exploitation of the labor force. Beginning in the 19th century, competitive capitalism introduced the idea of reducing wage rates and different forms of production. Then came the era of organized capitalism, also…

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  • Henr Henry Ford: The Invention Of The Assembly Line

    There was no efficient form of mass production of various products until the ingenious invention of the assembly line. This made most products expensive because of the extensive amount of work that people had to put forth into making products. It took workers about half a day of grueling work to create cars before the Model T. Because of this condition, cars were very expensive and most people could not afford one like today. Ransom E. Olds used the assembly line in 1901 to mass produce his…

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  • Triple Bottom Line Analysis

    pillars of a good corporate business. It is a higher version of accounting framework carried by the companies including people, planet and profit in order to maintain sustainable development. Triple Bottom Line approach measures the company’s economic value with a thought process of optimum utilization of all resources to achieve and maintain sustainable growth with no unmet demands and be there enough for next upcoming generations to live upon. The main objectives being -  Economic prosperity…

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  • Personal Narrative: I Walk The Line Concert

    “That’ll be a dollar and fifteen cents,” uttered the grouchy lady in the box office. The lady started to eyeball my satchel so I handed her the cash, took my ticket and hurried into the “I walk the Line” concert before she could search through it. I must’ve waited at least a full hour to get in and I was even late to the concert. I made it to the seat and the concert still had not started. Schedule must be running behind, I contemplated to myself. I turned my wrist over so I could see the new…

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  • Triple Bottom Line Essay

    Scope This assignment fixate on the relationship of the triple bottom line with the sustainable development principles like ecological footprints and bio-capacity which are to be considered in the sustainable construction which further signifies triple bottom line in sustainable development and construction. Covering the role of TBL in sustainability, a well formalised sustainability report of a hypothetical construction or infrastructure company established globally is to be made for annual…

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