Linear equation

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  • Linear Equations Lab Report

    deduce the equation landing position of the ball thrown by the robotic arm stand. We must create the equations in terms of the radius, height, arm rotation speed, and release angle. The equations must be made with those variables because, those variables are what can change where the ball will land in the cup, and will make the equation more useful to the client. To make sure the equation will remain accurate we have to keep track of all the units throughout the process. Knowing that all equations should be solved in terms of the variables we can create an equation according to those variables starting with time. Since k equals the rotations per minute k will be the measurement of radians divided by the time it takes for the arm to arrive at that radian. The angular postion of an equation is therefore equal to 2*pi*k*t+ initial angular position. Since we also know that time and radians both equal zero initially, we determine that the angular position, which we will call @t, equals (2pi)*k*t. The variable t stands for time and 2pi is multiplied by k to represent that k is in term of rotations. Next, we move on to finding the…

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  • The Importance Of Project Based Learning

    I plotted 2 points in Desmos, (2 toppings, 13.85) and (4 toppings, 16.99), both are medium pizzas. I asked students to get the price per topping which is the slope and subtract it two times from $13.85 to get the base price or the y-intercept. We tested the equation by opening the website of pizza hut. Students are able to compare the prices as well as qualities of the pizza stores. In this activity I was able to engage students in exploring real-world issues and solving authentic problems using…

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  • Romeo And Juliet Act 1 Scene 3 Scene Analysis

    All the scenes in the play were short and barely any characters were called by name. They also did not go in order of the pamphlet that spells “Shakespeare.” Throughout my paper, I try to describe each scene to the best of my ability with the info of which play they are acting out or about just the scenes in general. The beginning of the play began with people cleaning up the stage with brooms. The three people were slouched over sweeping close together. This showed medium topography and close…

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  • Trend Line Analysis

    Have you ever looked at your math paper and questioned why do I have to make a trend line? Is making a trend line really necessary? Well, trend lines allow the user to see a more defined trend of the data. Also, the creation of a trend line allows a correlation between the two subjects to be viewed easier. Trend lines help people accurately determine future outcomes that can come in handy if there is a problem. This is possible because trend lines make it easier to find the slope intercept…

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  • Bernoulli-Euler Beam Theory

    M is the resultant internal bending moment calculated about the neutral axis of the cross section, y in this case is the thickness of the beam divided by two, and I is the moment of inertia of the cross-sectional area about the neutral axis [4]. The final equation is, Equation 5 is utilized to calculate the deflection δ of the cantilevered beam at x = L when a load is applied at a point. Since we would not applying a specific load but knowing the displacement we solved this equation for P. There…

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  • Business Math

    to logistics, supply chains and warehousing. Business math differs from other types of math’s because it consists of more advanced mathematics such as matrix algebra, linear programming and mathematics of finance. Thus, it is perfect to use in the business management field. Not only is Business math a very important type of mathematics but so is Financial Mathematics because they two form important branches of math that are directly applied to business and economics. Examples of these applied…

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  • What Would You Say Is Your Greatest Talent Or Skill?

    were a way for professors around the world to teach their classes online for free. Like most others, my thoughts on online education mostly revolved around second-rate scams and suspicious for-profit institutions (I’m looking at you, DeVry). However, curiosity got ahold of me, and I quickly signed up for several courses. As it turned out, these courses were structured similarly to college classes; they consisted of weekly video lectures and a forum for collaboration between the tens…

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  • Summary Of John Nash Movie

    This is where they began to know a little about each other and how they all got in to Princeton. After meeting and taking to one another Nash starts to walk to his dorm. As John got to his dorm, he looks around and decides to move his desk to the window. Then a guy name Charles Herman walks into the dorm and introduce himself as his roommate. Charles came in the dorm like he was some kind of a drunk person but he was not drunk. After that, John started to write mathematical equation on his…

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  • Linear Programming And Mathematical Optimization

    Linear programming which is also known as “Linear Optimization” is a way to achieve best outcomes in a Mathematical Model using different linear solutions .Linear Programming is a special case of Mathematical Optimization .Linear programming can be applied to a wide variety of fields of study, and has proved useful in planning, routing, scheduling, assignment, and design, such as in transportation or manufacturing industries. The method of Linear Programming was originally developed by American…

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  • Linear Regression Analysis Paper

    the paper focuses on analyzing historical data with a view of forecasting expected monthly sales. The case requires monthly sales to be projected, given the assumption that the actual monthly sales are correlated with the number of hits on the company’s website in the previous month. Consequently, the historical data on actual sales and number of hits are both used to forecast the expected sales over a period of three months. Notably, forecasting entails application of simple linear regression…

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