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  • Grammar Vs English Grammar

    OMG did you here? i know right!!!! its crazzzyyy! In this day and age, texting is one of the main types of communication. Whether children choose to use correct grammar when texting, do they really know proper grammar for everyday use? Some people claim that children still have the capability to use proper grammar skills, and that they just choose not to. Others believe that children really do not know any better. With the belief that texting does not effect children’s grammar, one must wonder if this is true. Texting has recently come of age. It emphasizes the generation gap between adults and pre-teens. Since adults have learned to text in their later stages of life, they are less prone to grammatical errors. Texting has a certain format, and as people learn to write in different styles, they learn to communicate in that texting format. People learn the common conventions that go with that form of communication. Kids have learned that there are specific times to use types of language. They need to always be writing with a certain audience in mind (University of Alabama at Birmingham par. 6). When texting, they are targeting their content towards their friends. They use certain slang that they would never say to a teacher, or may not even say aloud! They disregard punctuation, don’t capitalize words that should be, and they definitely don’t spell out full words. When writing a formal essay however, children use very different grammar styles. They know that texting slang…

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  • What's Right Or Wrong About Language

    Language Shifts in an Academic Article and Tweets Edward Finegan’s article, “What’s right or wrong about language, and who decides?” It is an academic article. Finegan explains that 1.what is “correct” Language, 2.Descriptive vs. Prescriptive Grammar, 3.Who’s Right? In re-writting the whole thing of Finegan’s article as some Tweets, I try my best to make it shorter and more informal. They have a lot different, like language choices, organization and formatting. In the original article, Finegan…

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  • Flaws Of The English Language Analysis

    earth can say how a language is born, all that we know for sure is that languages evolve, but some, as some may suggest. Orwell had explored in one of his most influential essays, "Politics and the English Language," the decay of language and the ways in which it might be checked. The forty years that have passed since it was written have only confirmed the accuracy of its diagnosis and the value of its prescription (Norton 2260).…

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  • Persuasive Essay On The Chemical Philiphenyltrichloroethane

    invasive insect, they will harm anything that is living. Carson eloquently stated in her book that “they should not be called ‘insecticides’ but ‘biocides’” (8) because they not only killed insects, but also other living organisms such as bird and their predators. Carson emphasized DDT’s ability to kill more than just the targeted insects and the threat it posed to the entire environment. She emphasizes using selective spraying over blanket spraying. This point is synonymous with our overuse of…

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  • A Career: The Steps To Become A Pharmacist

    Everyone has a dream, but not everyone has the determination to make that dream a reality. To become a pharmacist it takes hard work and dedication. People want to become successful but don’t want to do the work it takes; they want everything handed on a platter. When choosing this career field, one must look at and plan the process they must take and obstacles that could be in there way. To begin, learning what pharmacy is and what pharmacists do is the most important part of choosing this…

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  • Prescription Prescription Essay

    Prescription Cascade In the United States, Tthe practice of over prescribing medication is an ever increasing problem with detrimental consequences. The practice of over prescribing medication is referred to as the prescribing cascade. According to Dr. Mehrdad Ayati, an assistant professor of medicine at the Stanford University School of Medicine, prescription cascade can be described in the following way.” To put this simply, a patient goes to a doctor’s office with an illness and is given a…

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  • Sesbaniagrandiflora Case Study

    TITLE: PHARMACOGNOSTICAL, PHYTOCHEMICAL AND PHARMACOLOGICAL ACTIVITY OF Sesbaniagrandiflora (L.) PERS By Mr. K.V. Veerabhadrappa,M. Pharm,(Ph.D) Under the Supervision of DR. J. Raveendra Reddy, M.Pharm, Ph.D Faculty of Pharmacy PACIFIC ACADEMY OF HIGHER EDUCATION AND RESEARCHUNIVERSITY UDAIPUR 1. NAME OF SCHOLAR :- K.V.Veerabhadrappa Hindi :-के.वि.वीरभद्रप्पा 2. TITLE OF THE RESEARCH :- Pharmacognostical, Phytochemical and Pharmacological activity of…

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  • Benefits Of Arthritis

    build a complete picture of your well being. • Ask your doctor for a clear definition of the type of arthritis you have • Find out if any of your joints are already destroyed • stay focussed on yourself as well as the treatment goals:usually for fast relief people suffering from arthritis ask their friends or relatives ,what they take if they to suffer from this problem. But it is not advisable as it is not necessary that what works for one will also work for one will also work for another…

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  • Drug Abuse Among Adolescents

    Drug Abuse is an epidemic in the adolescent age group in the USA. Stronger synthetic “street” narcotics like Ecstasy, Inhalants and Prescription Abuse are being used by teens at an inexperienced and blooming age throughout America. Many teens that are addicted to these drugs aren 't going to notice the problem in their drug usage. Different types of narcotics usually makes the user relieve the stress of school, problems at home, disagreements with friends, and other pressures of growing up.…

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  • Prescription Drug Abuse: A Case Study

    Clearly, all of drugs are addictive and unfortunately are not hard to find. “I was addicted for seven years, I was getting them from my friends, well who I thought were friends, and now after rehab I can’t see them anymore,” said Stashak (Stashak 2014). Like Stashak, many people purchase these drugs off of their “friends” who are prescribed by a doctor or get them from someone else. For some people they receive them right from their physicians. “Illegal acquisition of prescription drugs for…

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