What's Right Or Wrong About Language

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Language Shifts in an Academic Article and Tweets Edward Finegan’s article, “What’s right or wrong about language, and who decides?” It is an academic article. Finegan explains that 1.what is “correct” Language, 2.Descriptive vs. Prescriptive Grammar, 3.Who’s Right? In re-writting the whole thing of Finegan’s article as some Tweets, I try my best to make it shorter and more informal. They have a lot different, like language choices, organization and formatting. In the original article, Finegan uses a lot of long sentences, it is really normal in the academic writing. I noticed that, the sentences from the article has many words long each. When re-writing the article as Tweets, I used shorter sentences because Tweets is shorter than academic article. The shortest sentences in my Tweets are just seven words long. In my opinion, Tweets is one of the social media in our life, so people will not use a lot of time in reading the Tweets they saw. So I need to make the sentence as shorter as well. In the other hand, people can read academic article with a really long time, because they know this is an academic article …show more content…
For the academic article, the formatting is 1. Introduction, 2. Perspective, 3. Conclusion, 4. References. For example “What is 'Correct ' Language?”, “Descriptive vs. Prescriptive Grammar”, “Who’s Right?” and “Suggested Reading/Additional Resources”. In my opinion, the formatting of Tweets are 1. Do not have period, 2. Have # sometimes, 3. It is short, 4. Do not really care about grammar correct or not, 5. Informal. There are lot of different from formatting, the most different is Tweets usually do not have period. This will never happen in the academic article, it is a big problem. Tweets sometimes have some pictures and links, it is for explain things. The pictures and links are all about the Tweets I wrote. These things will interested my readers and explain more to

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