Danger Of Language

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The Dangers in Language When using language such as speaking and writing, you must be careful in what you say and write. Language can be dangerous. The dangers in language do not cause physical harm, but the damages can ruin reputations, hurt people’s feelings, cost people their jobs, or even cost someone the presidency. In the most recent election between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, many different things they have said in the past are being brought back up. The things that are being brought back up caused some damage to both of their campaigns. (Lindhout, Paul and Ben J. M. Ale) studied language issues, which they believe were a danger in major hazard control. They stated “language issues are problems with communication via speech, …show more content…
He is an extreme businessman, who isn’t afraid to say what he thinks. He has said many things that would count as dangerous language. Trump has been accused of sexual harassment by women, but he also has women who stand up for him explaining that he has never said vulgar things to them. When he was accused of sexual harassment, someone found a recording of him saying something inappropriate. At the time, the recording didn’t make him look like a good person. Trump later made another comment about Carly Fiorina stating, “look at that face! Would anyone vote for that? Can you imagine, that the face of our next president?” (Trump). He has used language in many dangerous ways, but it’s the way people are. Part of his plan for our country is to “repeal and replace Obamacare” (Trump). He also wants to stop illegal immigrants from coming into America by building a wall. It’s not a bad idea, to help keep America safe. When discussing the wall, he made another dangerous comment, “and I’ll have Mexico pay for the wall, because Mexico is screwing us over so badly” (Trump). Trump has made risky remarks towards Hispanics, and other races, which has caused protests now that he has won the election. Throughout the election, Trump kept his large number of supporters, because of his plan to “Make America Great Again.” Everyone thinks because that since Trump made racial comments that all his supporters are white. He has “non-whites, whites, elders, working, and retired people” (Abel) voting for him. People don’t usually expect him to have such a variety of

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