Hillary Clinton And Donald Trump Rhetorical Analysis

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Every four years the most important day of the year for the United States comes up, election day. Leading up to this, candidates bombard citizens with advertisements in an attempt to gain their votes. Not only do the advertisements contain information on the candidates policies, but they also are full of persuasive techniques. These techniques come in many forms including ad hominem, emotional manipulation, and the occasional boasting. In order to win the election, nominees must convince voters that they can not only handle internal affairs, but also deal with other nations around the globe. The presidential race of 2016 is no exception; the candidates, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, have used many rhetorical strategies to prove they have the best foreign policy and are worthy of the presidency.
A fitting example of the rhetorical tactics used is Clinton Explains American Honor to Trump from NYTimes. In this video, Hillary Clinton 's goal is for the audience to both question Donald Trump 's honor, and trust her own. With this in mind, she begins by referencing a time when her
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Hillary claimed that Trump had supported the United State 's involvement in Iraq and was therefore now responsible for the current issues in Iraq. She and the moderator both state that the claim is supported by facts. This made Trump appear somewhat hypocritical as he frequently criticizes Clinton for her actions in the middle east. Trump 's response to this was unexpected as he blamed Clinton and the mainstream media for spreading these rumors. Next, he went on to say that the media is Clinton 's biggest supporter. As a result, he placed a shred of doubt into the minds of the audience as to whether Clinton 's facts were really facts. Overall, this point had no solid evidence and was therefore not enough to sway the audience from believing the consensus of Clinton and the

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