Donald Trump's Identification

Throughout Donald Trump’s revolutionary campaign there has come lots of uses of identification. Trump has used this identification to persuade his supporters like no other candidate before. Identification is “ the common ground between the speaker and the audience” (Griffin 299). In this case, it’s the recognized common ground between Trump and his supporters. Many people would probably believe there is not common between a billionaire and an average voter. But, I have been lucky enough to attend some of Donald Trumps rallies in New Hampshire. I was absolutely blown away by his personality and persuasion when I went to them. Before I went to one of his rallies, I can honestly say I was strongly against him becoming the next president of the …show more content…
Unlike most, Trump is willing to cause a ruckus in what he believes. As we turn back to the idea about dramatism, we look at the idea that Trump was first regarded as having no shot to win the nomination. And this was the same idea on the democratic side as well as it was said Bernie Sanders also had no chance to win the nomination. Trump’s message is about safety, growing the military and protecting our country from terrorists. Another, example about how Trump has shifted the paradigm of political rhetoric and especially dramatism is the idea of endorsements from various respected senators and governors. Various newspapers like the New York Times, wrote harsh editorials on Trump. In most normal campaigns that would kill any hope of getting the nomination but not Trump. If Hilary Clinton had a negative editorial written on her, her campaign for the president of the United States would be over. Trump though, is not one of those normal politicians who have been in Washington for years, Trump goes to his rallies and holds up that newspaper and rips it to shreds in front of his energized supporters. We as a society have never seen anything like this, this is called modern politics and the rhetoric that has come out of Trumps mouth is just the gift that keeps on giving. Unfortunately, some of the stuff he as spewed has been less than presidential but than again he might actually become the republican nominee in July. This new dramatism is something that will affect all further elections because people are tired of the cookie cutter Washington

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