Analysis Of Donald Trump 's ' Building A Wall ' Essay examples

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I remember when Donald Trump first announced his political run for office. He built his campaign on the slogan: We’re going to Make America Great Again, “reinforced” by his bold claim of “building a wall”. When Trump got down into the weeds with Megyn Kelly during the first Fox News Republican debate, I sensed Donald Trump was a proud and arrogant man. I went on my own campaign against him; making phone calls, writing emails, calling news agencies and talk shows, posting madly to Facebook — whatever I could do to try to stop a really bad person from wrecking the Republican Party and damaging the nation. NeverTrump was my obsession, but it was, at that time, merely political for me. Yet — even then — something else was bothering me.

We all watched in amazement as what appeared — in my opinion — to be a psychologically unbalanced man ran for the highest office in the world; doing and saying such outrageous things; things that would have sunk the career of any other politician. He was slanderous, mean-spirited, obnoxious, reactionary, puerile, revengeful, crude and distasteful; attacking and mischaracterizing his opponents; all in the name of “political correctness”. Concerned parents were having to screen the Republican debates from their children because this petulant “man” was boasting about the size of his penis, like some third grade child who had just discovered he had one. His rhetoric lacked true principle. Single-handedly, he changed the essence of the political…

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