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  • Why Trump Makes Me Scared For My Family Analysis

    Cultural heritage forms part of every human being. From Muslims with the Ramadan, where they abstain from food or drinks, and pray; to Indian arranged marriages, where the families planned the union for their own benefit. The diversity around individuals should be viewed as something that would benefit society, not just to destroy it. In the article, “Why Trump Makes Me Scared for My Family,” Aziz Ansari, an actor, writer and director; gives his opinion as son of Muslim immigrants. Using life experiences, rhetorical devices and tone; the actor, persuades the readers to stop the negativity and hate towards different cultures in America. As a descendant of an American-Muslim family, Ansari has experienced from first-hand the unpleasant view…

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  • The Anti-Christ Book Report

    parallelisms. An example of a parallelism: “A wise man is….; But the fool is….”. In most cases, the parallelisms contrast. If Proverbs is a book of wisdom and The Antichrist is anti-wisdom, the passages should contrast the nature of Jesus Christ and The Antichrist. The text, in fact, supports this premise. Clearly, not all passages relate to The Antichrist (Trump) in the same way. Some address the rich and others, the poor. But even those that refer to the poor speak of Trump, for one can be…

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  • Analysis Of Why Trump Makes Me Scared For My Family By Aziz Ansari

    actor and writer Aziz Ansari wrote and published an article to the New York Times on June 24, 2016 titled “Why Trump Makes Me Scared for My Family.” In this article Ansari writes about the Orlando shooting the response of presidential candidate Donald Trump. Ansari also reacts to Trump’s comments towards Muslim Americans and supports his own views with statistics and facts. He also recounts his personal experience with the terrorist attacks on the world trade center buildings on 9/11 as a…

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  • Rhetoric In The Trump Campaign

    likely refrain for questioning any other information provided to them. In the text, rhetoric is defined as the means in which one communicates or influences another using methods of persuasion. One might notice this throughout their normal routine on apps such as Spotify, Snapchat, or YouTube. For instance, when watching a friends story on the Snapchat app, advertisements disrupt your browsing, promoting different candidates. “Misogynistic regimes, wall street insiders, corrupt dictators. They…

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  • Why Trump Makes Me Scared For My Family By Aziz Ansari Analysis

    Diaspora 19 October 2017 Midterm Prompt #2 Highly publicized attacks on American soil, such as 9/11 and the Orlando nightclub shooting in 2016, have led to a dominant media narrative that constructs American Muslims as the “other.” As discussed in Aziz Ansari’s op-ed “Why Trump Makes Me Scared for My Family,” the current president of the United States has intensified this perception of Muslims as a threat to the country through his vitriolic, hate-filled rhetoric. He has played a significant…

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  • Donald Trump Persuasive

    choose a brutally honest person or a person who is a habitual liar? What about if you had to choose a leader for this country? Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are the running candidates for this year's presidential election. Donald Trump, a caring, brutally honest, multi-millionaire, and successful businessman has done so many great things for people around the world and he can make America great again. He has done nothing but proves that he is fit for the position of president of this united…

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  • Donald Trump Attack Argumentative Essay

    Attacking the Motive On April 26, 2016, New York Judges ruled that the lawsuit made against Trump University will in effect go to trial. Federal District judge Gonzalo Curiel is one of the judges in the Trump University Lawsuit. Donald Trump’s response to this was negative and immediately used his heritage as a reason to why the judge should recuse himself. Jake Tapper, a reporter for CNN asked Donald Trump, “If you are saying he can’t do this job because of his race, is that not the…

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  • Rhetorical Strategies In Trump Bashes US Foreign Policy

    convince voters that they can not only handle internal affairs, but also deal with other nations around the globe. The presidential race of 2016 is no exception; the candidates, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, have used many rhetorical strategies to prove they have…

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  • The Antichrist-Trump Profile Match

    Antichrist-Trump Profile Matches 1.) The Antichrist is extremely prideful, so is Trump 2.) The Antichrist is extremely boastful. So is Trump 3.) The Antichrist is full of deceit and lies. So is Trump. 4.) The Antichrist is full of flattery. So is Trump. 5.) The Antichrist is a schemer, plotter, secret deal maker. So is Trump. 6.) The Antichrist is slanderous. So is Trump. (Psalm 50:20) 7.) The Antichrist is hateful. So is Trump. 8.) The Antichrist puts on a false show of religion. So does…

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  • President Trump Argumentative Essay

    Argumentative Essay Has President Trump been treated unfairly by all forms of media? Media is defined as the main means of mass communication. Donald Trump was elected to be president in November of 2016. This brought anger to some and joy to others. It seems that he might be one of the most controversial presidents in our history. People either absolutely love or despise him. There aren’t many opinions in the middle. The people who hate him are being influenced by all forms of media and don’t…

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