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  • Seafarer Song Analysis

    The “wild swan’s song / sometimes served as music” from line 19 of “The Seafarer” is a metaphor for the scop, or storyteller, in Anglo-Saxon communities. This line indicates the importance of community because it shows the speaker trying to recreate the social aspects of community in his sea-bound exile. The use of the swan as a scop undermines the speaker’s community in exile in nature and leads the speaker to conclude that the only community left for him is in heaven. The “swan’s song” is echoed throughout the elegy, particularly in the first line, “I can sing a true song of myself” (“The Seafarer” l. 1). This “song” tells of the titular seafarer’s exile, his revelation that community is the most important part of life on earth, and his subsequent death that ends the elegy. In order to understand how the swan’s song impacts the elegy, it is important to understand how the Anglo-Saxons viewed swans. This Anglo-Saxon riddle, translated into English prose by Dieter Bitterli, is about swans and describes them in terms of how Anglo-Saxon people viewed them: My clothing is silent when I tread the ground or inhabit the dwellings or stir the waters. Sometimes my trappings and this high air lift me up over the abodes of the heroes, [5] and the strength of the clouds then bear me far over the people. My adornments sound…

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  • Symbolism In The Trumpet Of The Swan

    The Trumpet of the Swan by E. B. White is a children 's book, published in 1970, that is full of talking animals, strange events, and fantastical elements. Even with the lighter tone of the story, White’s writing style and storytelling still hold symbolism. From racism to overcoming adversity, White’s stories have a deeper meaning that can resonate with us all on a personal level. The main character of this story is Louis, he is a trumpeter swan. The other swans, particularly Louis’ father,…

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  • Love In Natalie Portman's Film Black Swan

    role in Swan Lake is Nina is next. But she gets an unexpected competitor, newcomer Lily (Mila Kunis), who impresses the director with her sensuality and passion. The two rivals develop a twisted friendship. Nina becomes more and more desperate, and the question is how far she is willing to push herself for her career. Black Swan is one of my favorite movies. When you watch it for the first time you only see the tip of the iceberg. It’s a film that you have to watch multiple times to…

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  • Women's Body Image In Nutcrackers

    recites "Nor tossed my shape in Eider balls" however are considered as one of the more special cases because they apparently have some sort of double meaning, being a symbolism itself. The first meaning happens to be the eider balls symbolizing the swan gowns for the production of Swan Lake. The second one, be that as it may, comprehended the entire line which in-turn symbolizes the eider birds. Eider birds are known for their light and soft textured feathers. So it could be understood that…

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  • Isadora Duncan's The Mother Of Dance

    Called, "The Mother of Dance", Isadora Duncan was one of the most influential dancers of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. Her technique was a precursor to modern dance and she became very popular in Europe for her naturalistic approach to dancing and performances to classical music. She faced many struggles throughout her lifetime, with her children dying after their nanny had accidentally driven into the Seine River and her husband committing suicide. Then, not much later, Isadora died…

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  • The Swan Lake Disaster

    Based on the ballet ‘’Swan Lake’’ by Piotr Illyich Tchaikovsky and his beautiful music, this movie shows the disaster life of a dancer to obtain the principal role as Swan Queen, as it was her dream since she was a child, especially for the pressure of her mother. The story is based in one princess that was enchanted by a witch to be a White Swan, and only a love could avoid this, but her bad sister, the Black Swan, seduces the man the princess loved, and knowing this the White Swan kill…

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  • Body Stereotypes In The Ballet World

    The purpose of this project is to show that Misty Copeland is changing the way the ballet world defines the correct image and body shape of a ballerina. Copeland does not fit the stereotype of ballerina: she is 5’2, has really defined muscles, has bust, and is African American. She started ballet at the age of 13, late for a dancer, but her pure talent made her into a prodigy. Misty Copeland really set out to become a professional ballerina, regardless of her ethnicity and body shape, she pushed…

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  • Vase, Bottle, And Swan Lake Comparison

    Author Lailah Gifty Akita once said, “You have to look closely to see clearly.” This assertion resembles the nature of both the visual and performing arts. In order for one to see the depths of any piece of art, one must assess it carefully. Examining Henri Matisse’s painting, Vase, Bottle, and Fruit, Van Halen’s song “Jump,” and Swan Lake, they appear to be three distinctly different pieces of art, however analyzing these pieces thoroughly, one can see the many similarities between the three.…

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  • Symbolism In Black Swan

    Black Swan, it’s a movie about a woman, Nina, a 28 year old ballerina living in New York City, who is picked to play both swans in the ballet “Swan Lake” . Nina is a perfectionist, a control freak and very much alike to the white swan, a pure, innocent girl. She still lives with her mother, who’s extremely controlling of her and treats her like she 's 12. Her mother doesn’t let her do anything alone, her room doesn’t even has a lock. Nina’s room looks like the room of a child, its all pink with…

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  • Discrimination In Dark Swan

    Dark Swan is a mental thriller offering a figurant called Nina Sayers. She is a youthful lover of the dance floor working for a prestigious NYC balance choreography organization. She has longs for some time or another getting to be diva. Very capable, yet she is exceptionally held. As the dance organization opens for another season, her executive picks her to assume the lead part as Swan ruler in an aspiring adjustment of a renowned story called "Swan Lake.” The part obliges that Nina play both…

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