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  • Why Ballet Is Important To Dance

    it has become one of the most popular styles of dance ever! The sacrifices are incredibly tough and the commitment is huge. You have to be very focused, determined and hardworking to be successful in this sport, you have to persevere and want to get better, much like any other sport. Ballet is a beautiful and elegant style that takes lots of skill and focus. Ballet takes hard work and full dedication and is a major commitment. To be good at ballet you will have to make sacrifices that you may not like. Ballet is a tough sport, there are both positives and negatives and there are lots of sacrifices.Many can’t cope with all the things they have to sacrifice and give up to be a successful ballerina but those that do sacrifice these things are usually the best ballerinas. Successful Ballerinas usually spend hours and hours training and getting lots of sleep for the heap of training they have the next day, not having any time to spend with their friends, and they…

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  • Copeland's Argumentative Essay

    This excessively specific physique has become a sort of “job requirement” for ballerinas. Most are not born with the qualities that are required, meaning that they starve themselves almost to the point of death. These requirements do not make sense because in order for a ballerina to survive 8-hour rehearsal days, she must eat. If she doesn’t, she won’t be able to perform her best, and will in turn not look her best on stage. Weight and body image is something that Copeland, as well as many…

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  • Analysis Of Rizalde Speech

    Lisa Macuja Elizalde: ‘Remembered for a long, long time’ Lisa Teresita Pacheco Macuja-Elizalde was born on October 3rd, 1964. She became the first Filipina Prima Ballerina, and the first foreign soloist to join the Kirov Ballet company. In a speech given 30 years later on March 30th, 2015, she stands on a podium in front the class of 2015 Ateneo de Manila University and made history. There was a turning point in Elizalde life that made her the person she is today. Elizalde speech is effective…

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  • Up To This Pointe Character Analysis

    San Francisco but, sadly she is offered no internships. She feels internally conflicted over ballet and Madame dream for her to teach. She feels that ballet is over for her even though she still has a love for the dance. She is stuck between becoming a professional ballerina or becoming a ballet teacher. Consequently, she decides to go to Antarctica on a grant to study her ancestor, Robert Falcon Scott. She is lost in ice and snow with nowhere to go. The air is below freezing and there is barely…

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  • Male Dominance In A Doll's House

    her own identity or shape herself into a person. Instead she is made into what her father, husband, and society. Similar themes of male superiority can be seen in The Ballet Class by Degas. This painting, at first glance, may seem just as a frivolous painting of ballerinas practicing in front up their ballet master. But after further analyzation this painting provides great insight into gender norms of the time. This women are much more than the beautiful dancers in tutus they appear to be. They…

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  • Ballerina Research Paper

    The Porcelain Ballerina Deep breath. The rushed flurry and excited chatter of set designers, costumers, and ballerinas surrounds her. She, a delicate young girl, sits in front of the dressing table in a soft robe. Gingerly, she lines her eyes in black and pats fine silver glitter onto her tired lids, which no amount of repose could restore. A coat of mascara, a dusting of powder, and a swipe of lipstick form a mask under which she hides herself from the harsh stage lights. Her beauty was…

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  • The Soldier And The Ballerina By George Orwell Analysis

    crime. In particular I revel in time lapses of necrotic wounds. inb4 3edgy5me. Despite being such an utter knob, I'm straight edge, which seems to surprise most people. For sport, I partake in dancing, stair climbing and knife crime (the only reason to leave the house, obviously). - I neither consider myself an artist nor a poet, rather one who dabbles. Apropos art I switch between hypercritical and severely delusional (read: narcissistic), with nothing in between. Most are graphite…

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  • Harrison Bergeron Character Analysis

    Everyone has their own world in their mind, and in their mind, an ideal world exists, which called, ‘Utopia.’ In “Harrison Bergeron,” the short fiction written by Kurt Vonnegut Jr., equality forms the utopia for the most of the people. They can live without discouragement and frustration from being different, but it brings tragic results to human beings. This story implies that to achieve a utopia of the world, it should not formed with the equality of people’s abilities; it needs to be accept…

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  • Analysis Of Dystopian Society In Harrison Bergeron

    Through the development of George as a strong-minded but cautious character, it exemplifies how the handicaps have taken away his freedom of thought. Just when George is about to think about ballerinas that appeared on the television, “another noise in his ear radio [scatters] his thoughts” (Vonnegut 33). As George is introduced as a character, it is obvious that the handicap restricts how much he thinks, thus taking away his freedom of thought. The lack of freedom suggests that the restrictions…

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  • Talents And Strengths In Kurt Vonnegut's Harrison Bergeron

    to strong people, but Harrison looked like a walking junkyard” (Vonnegut 3). This shows that Harrison’s handicaps were the most heavy and cruel, because the government targets him to make him too weak to be able to stand out and change society. Harrison then said “now watch me become what I can become” (Vonnegut 4). Harrison said this during his speech to everyone in the theater during the time that he managed to get on live TV. When he said this, he meant that he was tired of being treated…

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