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  • Northrop Grumman Case Study

    Virginia Commonwealth State Agency-Northrop Grumman Critical System Outage The commonwealth of Virginia experienced an information technology storage area network outage on August 25th 2010. This affected several agencies and caused 13% of the file servers to fail. The failure mainly impacted the Department of Motor Vehicles and Department of taxation. Because of the outage problem, DMV couldn’t process driver’s licenses and couldn’t share data with other agencies. (1) DMV has been unable to process in-person driver’s licenses or ID cards at its 74 customer service centers. The root cause of the failure was identified as the memory card of the EMC DMX-3 SAN array. Even though the primary cause of the failure was the SAN array, the database backup unavailability put the agencies out of service. Manufactures of the storage system claimed failure of SAN EMC DMX-3 is due to the memory card failure and the problem SAN failure was unprecedented. DMV ended up compensating for 1069 hours for 8 days of outage. Due to the outage, DMV has to work overtime on the Labor Day weekend and it costed them around $1.2 million. DMV also paid the employees who worked overtime, one and half time plus the supplemental pay of $250 for Saturday full day and $125 for half day on Sunday and Labor Day. DMV spent about an average of $400 per hour to run each of its customer service center. (3)The Virginia Government requested Northrop Grumman to conduct an independent third-party audit to find the…

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  • Career Autobiography Case Study Examples

    My supervisors, especially those at Hughes Aircraft and TRW, encouraged me to gain more knowledge and continue my education.” She went on to say that “I have always been thankful for what God has blessed me with and for the coworkers and supervisors that He placed in my path. The only bad experience that I had was with my supervisor ‘Juan’ at the Armored Group. He was a very bossy man who looked down on people.” She says that she never experienced any racial or gender discrimination while…

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  • Case Study Of The ADAS Industry

    pull demand for ADAS technology suppliers. The most significant automakers are Mercedes Benz, Fiat, BMW, Audi, VW, Renault, Citroen, Ford and Peugeot. Mercedes Benz has highest market share of 28%, while Fiat stays at second place for 22%. BMW stays at the third place with approximately 10% in 2013. (Refer to Appendix C) Tier 1 Suppliers Tier 1 suppliers are also customers in ADAS. They are working as middleman between the OEMs and the tier 2 suppliers who offer the ADAS units. After tier 1…

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  • Mr. Gillanders: My Hero

    ” he explained. Robert’s military experience was great. He explained that the living conditions were under control. Although the military was a different experience, Mr. Gillanders loved the feeling of rewarding civilian life. He also loved the uniforms. “Very comfortable,” my grandfather told me. Command Chief Master Sergeant Gillanders also learned a few things. He learned how to take orders, work with all kinds of people, and work with a variety of different jobs. Since my…

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  • Supply Chain Research Paper

    Robert is an Executive Director of SCRC and a professor at North Carolina State University while Dave has had a distinguished career in supply chain working as Chief Purchasing Officer at TRW and Chief Procurement Officer at Honda. Dave’s first claim about supply chain’s history is that, “When I first went into the world of purchasing there, it was not a career. There were no or very few heads of purchasing or procurement or supply management or supply chain management. It was looked at as…

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  • Outliers Rhetorical Analysis Essay

    opportunities. He tells us how Gates attended a private high school which had a computer club. There he had access to time-sharing computers unlike most schools at the time. Gladwell states that this was Bill’s first opportunity. The second one was that the mothers of his school raised enough money for their computers. The third opportunity presented itself because one of the parents worked at a computer company called C-Cubed. The fourth came when ISI hired him to work on its payroll software.…

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  • Dumpster Diving Summary

    followed by a 1-year probation. His next arrest came in 1983. This time at the University of South California. He had been in trouble here before. This time however, he was caught by campus police trying to illegally access ARPAnet. The Advanced Research Projects Agency Network (ARPAnet) was an early packet switching network and the first network to implement the protocol suite TCP/IP. He was revealed to be sitting at a computer in a campus terminal room, breaking into a Pentagon computer over…

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