Women's Body Image In Nutcrackers

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recites "Nor tossed my shape in Eider balls" however are considered as one of the more special cases because they apparently have some sort of double meaning, being a symbolism itself. The first meaning happens to be the eider balls symbolizing the swan gowns for the production of Swan Lake. The second one, be that as it may, comprehended the entire line which in-turn symbolizes the eider birds. Eider birds are known for their light and soft textured feathers. So it could be understood that Emily might be referring to the subject's inability to be light and fleet-footed. One of the props from the production of Nutcrackers is also in tow, "rolled on the wheels of snow". In context, it’s supposed to take her off the stage with style. Based on …show more content…
However that is just looking at the whole poem in a literal point of view. Another way of looking at this poem is in a figurative point of view. This poem has tackled the issue of the typical stereotypes regarding women in general women's body image. It can be said that Emily has written this poem in question of her poetic expertise and skills. Apparently, Emily has enclosed this poem to her poetry mentor named Thomas Higginson, together with a different poem, in order to get his feedback upon her new freshly written poems. At it turns out, she begins the letter by asking if the poems were of order and that she thanks him for the truth he's about to critique. As a poet, Emily herself has expected criticisms, as her poems are not flawless. The criticism that she received however managed to wound her pride and in the process, the criticism has made her question her poetic skills and her being as a poet. The ballet part of this poem may be used in a euphemistic way. Her mentor, in truth, had commented that both of her poems, the ones she had recently penned lack regular organization that is generally counted upon of a

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